Ability Stone Cutter

Stone Faceting NPC

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Location All Major Cities

Related Quests

The Road to Faceting

Ability Stone Cutter is an NPC type in Lost ArkAbility Stone Cutters are interactable characters similar to Merchants, whose main function is to Facet Ability Stones. They become useful upon reaching Lv. 50, and after doing "The Road To Faceting" Guide Quest.


I learned all about faceting, and received an Ability Stone for free. All that is left is for me to try faceting myself.


Lost Ark: Ability Stone Cutter Information

Stonecutter NPCs are located at the majority of cities under stone faceting map icon lost ark 32px[Ability Stone Cutter]. They will trade and facet Ability Stones in exchange for silver icons lost ark 30pxSilver.


Lost Ark: Ability Stone Cutter Location

Where & How to find Ability Stone Cutter:

  • Aubir: Located at Great Castle, Yorn.
  • Belleper: Located at Rothun, Rohendel.
  • Brite: Located at Luterra Castle, East Luterra.
  • Glona: Located at Nia Village, Punika and Tideshelf Path, Punika.
  • Guide Briyette: Located at the Training Area in Trixion.
  • Mia: Located at Cradle of the Sea Fermata (Sailing Voyage).
  • Migyung: Located at Peyto (Sailing Voyage).
  • Milla: Located at Origins of Stern, Arthetine.
  • Professor Mosby: Located at Vern Castle, North Vern, Crafting District.
  • Tiana: Located at Kalaja, Feiton.


Lost Ark: Ability Stone Cutter Related Quests

The following Quests are related to Ability Stone Cutter:

  • The Road to Faceting


Ability Stone Cutter Notes & Tips

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