Ability Stones in Lost Ark are a type of Equipment worn by players to supplement their Weapons and Armor, similar to Accessories. Ability Stones provide bonuses to a character's Vitality, as well as bonus effects from Engravings. Ability Stones are equipped on the Ability Stone slot and players are limited to equipping one. They can potentially provide the biggest amount of Points towards Engraving effects and are key to activating them at the highest levels. This page covers a list of all Ability Stones in Lost Ark.


Ability Stones Guide 

How to obtain Ability Stones in Lost Ark? 

Players receive their first 5 Ability Stones during "The Road to Faceting" guide quest, which acts as a tutorial for how Ability Stones work. After this, the way to get Ability Stones is through looting in Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. Note that in order to access these events, the player needs to reach Lv. 50. However, when getting hold of Ability Stones, players initially get unusable, raw stones. In order to use or equip them, they need to undergo a specific process named Faceting

What is Faceting in Lost Ark? 

Faceting is the process of cutting the Ability Stone to activate its Engravings. These are positive or negative effects that act on the player's Stats, consisting of 3 levels - where the higher the level, the stronger its effect. The Engravings each Ability Stone possess is randomly generated for every stone. When faceting Ability Stones, players establish the level of impact (or Engraving PointsEngravings have in their Stats. The goal is to boost the effect of positive abilities and reduce the influence of negative ones, that is, gaining as many Engraving Points for those Engravings that grant improvements and as few Engraving Points as possible for Engravings with a negative impact. Faceting Ability Stones is done exclusively by one of many Ability Stone Cutter NPCs. These are indicated in the map as stone faceting map icon lost ark 32px[Ability Stone Cutter]. Ability Stones can also be traded, but only before Faceting. Once they are Faceted, they are equippable but untradable, so players must decide whether they want to keep the stone or trade it before completing the faceting process. Note that "unfaceted" Ability Stones show the corresponding Engravings in the inventory, but not its values. Instead, they show the highest and lowest possible outcomes for each one of the Engravings.





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faceting 2 screens lost ark 600px

How does Faceting Work in Lost Ark?

Ability Stones have two positive Engravings and a negative one. These are are referred to as Ability Improvement and Reduced Abilities. Each Engraving has a row with a certain amount of empty slots (depending on the stone's rarity) and a Hammer Icon next to it. Pressing on this icon will cut the stone and yield a positive or negative result in the first slot of the corresponding ability. The chance of a successful hit is indicated by the "Success Rate" and "Chance of cracking" values. Starting value is 75%. Positive hits decrease these values, while negative hits raise them. This means that the more successful hits obtained in a row, the higher the chance of getting a negative one, and vice-versa. If the outcome is positive, then the ability gets one Engraving Point and a Vitality boost is gained, otherwise the slot is grayed out and can no longer be used. Then, you can press one of the three Hammer Icons again to keep filling in the remaining empty slots. Note that each try costs a predetermined amount of silver icons lost ark 30px (Silver), defined by the Stone's rarity.
In essence, a positive hit means the affected Engraving will have a bigger effect on Stats, but it'll also increase the chances of a bad result in the next try. The goal is to get as many positive hits (Engraving Points) on the Ability Improvement section, and as many fails (grayed out slots) in Reduced Abilities.


Lost Ark Ability Stone Cutter NPCs Location

Stonecutter NPCs are located at the majority of cities under stone faceting map icon lost ark 32px[Ability Stone Cutter].
They are often found near vendors and traders.

  • Aubir: Located at Great Castle, Yorn.
  • Belleper: Located at Rothun, Rohendel.
  • Brite: Located at Luterra Castle, East Luterra.
  • Glona: Located at Nia Village, Punika and Tideshelf Path, Punika.
  • Guide Briyette: Located at the Training Area in Trixion.
  • Mia: Located at Cradle of the Sea Fermata (Sailing Voyage).
  • Migyung: Located at Peyto (Sailing Voyage).
  • Milla: Located at Origins of Stern, Arthetine.
  • Professor Mosby: Located at Vern Castle, North Vern, Crafting District.
  • Tiana: Located at Kalaja, Feiton.
  • Other locations for Stone Cutter NPCs go here.

Are all Ability Stones in Lost Ark the same?

Ability Stones are different between them in terms of Rarity, Engravings, and amount of Vitality Boost. Engravings, as mentioned before, are randomly generated for each stone. You can see the ones generated for each stone in the Inventory, or while talking to a Stonecutter NPC.
There are four types of Rarity for Ability Stones: Rare, Epic, Legendary and Relic. The rarest the stone, the higher is the value of Vitality boost, faceting point slots and attempt cost.
Rare Ability Stones yield 6 Faceting Attempts (empty slots for each Engraving) and cost 150silver icons lost ark 30pxEpic stones have an Attempt Cost of 165silver icons lost ark 30px and 8 Attempts while Legendary and Relic stones have 9 and 10 slots respectively, costing 210silver icons lost ark 30px and 260silver icons lost ark 30px.

Faceting Attempts
Attempt Cost
Rare 6 150 silver icons lost ark 30px
Epic 8 165 silver icons lost ark 30px
Legendary 9 210 silver icons lost ark 30px
Relic 10 260 silver icons lost ark 30px

 Tips and Strategies for improving roll chances

Advices to maximize Engraving Points in the desired abilities while Faceting Ability Stones.

As mentioned before, the end goal is to get as many Engraving Points in the Ability Improvement section, and as many fails (grayed out slots) in Reduced Abilities (as we don't want to enhance Engravings with negative effects!). Regardless of available slots, the chance of success always starts at 75%. This rate moves ±10%, so It'll always be 75%, 65%, 55%45%, 35% or 25%. Maximum value is 75%, while minimum value is 25%, meaning no matter how many Failed Attempts (miss engraving point icons lost ark 30px) in a row we get, rate will not go any higher than 75% (nor below 25% for positive results engraving point icons lost ark 30px).

For instance, if we are currently in 45% and hit a positive result, we gain an Engraving Point (engraving point icons lost ark 30px) for that ability and the "Success Rate" drops to 35%, so the chance of getting another positive outcome decreases. If we decide to take another chance against the odds, and happen to hit another positive result, we'll get another Engraving Point (engraving point icons lost ark 30px) and our new chance of success is now 25%. But if we get another Engraving Point (engraving point icons lost ark 30px) , the "Success Rate" will no longer go down, it'll stay in 25%.

So, we could divide the rates between higher risk (25% - 45%) and lower risk (55% - 75%) values. Our first strategy is to attempt to get Engraving Points (engraving point icons lost ark 30px) in the Ability Improvement section ("the positive abilities") while in the low risk zone (55% - 75%) . As long as we stay in this zone, the odds are in our favor. However, once the "Chance of Success" drops below 55%, and we enter the high risk zone, its more probable that we get a negative result wasting a Faceting Attempt (miss engraving point icons lost ark 30px) for the Engravings we want.  So the best strategy here is to "bet" on the Reduced Abilities section. Why? Simply because we are in the 25% - 45% range, and a low chance of getting a positive hit (engraving point icons lost ark 30px) is a low chance of enhancing the Reduced Abilities Engraving. Note that hitting positive results doesn't necessarily mean its positive (or convenient) for us. It just means that the ability that receives this result will be enhanced, even if its effect is undesired for our character.

Now, there's another layer of complexity in this strategy, and that is that we probably prefer one of the two Ability Improvement Engravings over the other. Maybe we like number one over two, or maybe number two is the one we rather enhance above number one. Whichever the case, we can now divide the "Chance of Success / Chance of cracking" range in three instead of two. So we'd have a high risk (25% - 35%), a mid-level risk (45% 55%) and a low risk (65% - 75%) zones. The smart thing to do now is to hit on the preferred Engraving while we are in the low risk zone and hit on the second favorite ability when in the mid-risk zone, leaving the Reduced Abilities Engraving for the high risk zone.


Chance of Success/Cracking
Risk Zone
Best Ability
(Ability Improvement)
 65% - 75% Low Risk Zone
Second Best Ability
(Ability Improvement)
45% 55%  Medium Risk Zone
Unwanted Ability
(Reduced Abilities)
25% - 35%  High Risk Zone




All Ability Stones in Lost Ark


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      This strategy does not take into account each time we receive a grey point the success rate rises and so as we only have 5 attempts on each engraving there is not much of a chance to even get into the high zone (25% - 35%) in order to eliminate the reduced abilities. We are more likely to gain more points in the reduced ability therefore.

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