Amazing and Innovative

Common Quest

Advised Item Lvl -
Location Prideholme


XP 737
Mission XP 134
Silver x8

Amazing and Innovative is a Common Quest in Lost Ark. Common Quests may not grant the best Equipment of the game, but they still grant rewards for completing them. Common Quests can be obtained everywhere and serve as a general guideline for the game. 


Lunepon, locked in a rivalry with fellow bard Siera, is trying to craft a new song, but he lacks inspiration. I should show Lunepon something that's sure to stoke his creativity.


Lost Ark: Amazing and Innovative Information & Walkthrough

You can obtain this quest by only speaking with Bard Lunepon, he will ask you to do something to inspire him.

You should execute an emote, from the emote menu or typing the correct command in chat, like for example "/dance". Dance for a while until the quest objective updates.

Talk to Bard Lunepon again. Claim your rewards.


Lost Ark: How to Obtain Amazing and Innovative

Follow this steps to obtain Amazing and Innovative:


Lost Ark: Amazing and Innovative Rewards

By completing Amazing and Innovative you will be rewarded as follows:

  • XP 737
  • Mission XP 134
  • Silver x8


Amazing and Innovative Notes & Tips

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