Assassin is one of the 5 Main Classes in Lost Ark. Assassins are close-range fighters who use their demonic powers to defeat their enemies. Their damage scales with Dexterity, which is the main damage attribute for Assassins. After reaching level 10, we can choose between 2 Assassin Advanced Classes, the Shadowhunter who shapesfhits into powerful demonic forms or the Deathblade who wields 3 Swords alongside the power of Chaos to gain quick combo attacks.


 Assassins are the powerhouses of Arkesia. They may not be the most nimble, so they stand their ground and make up for mobility with cataclysmic impact.


Lost Ark Assassin Information

  • Assassins combine the power of blades and demonic abilities. 
  • Their damage scales with Dexterity


  • Assassins wield devastating Demon Power and rely on agile movements and focused attacks.


Lost Ark Assassin Advanced Classes

There is no “best” Lost Ark Assassin Advanced Class, it will depend on which one best suits your playstyle:

  1. Shadowhunter: The Shadowhunter subclass focuses on defeating enemies by taking demonic forms to unleash chaotic power.
  2. Deathblade: The Deathblade Advanced Class mainly focuses on the use of 3 Swords to perform quick deadly combos.


Lost Ark Classes Video Guide




Lost Ark Assassin Advanced Classes

After reaching level 10, players can evolve their Assassin character to one of the 2 Advanced Classes available in Lost Ark:


shadowhunter class icon lost ark wiki guide 100

The Shadowhunter mainly focuses on defeating enemies by taking demonic forms to unleash chaotic power.

deathblade class icon lost ark wiki guide 100

The Deathblade mainly focuses on wielding 3 Swords to perform quick, deadly combos.



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