Builds for Lost Ark are player-created playable setups featuring Lost Ark's different Classes, and Multiclasses along with their Weapons, Armor, Abilities and Skills, that defines a specific array of playstyle or highlight a certain natural strength of a class or a character. Builds in Lost Ark have a particular emphasis on Character Creation, since Classes don't gain any Ability Points or Feats, and selections are quite limited when leveling, unlike some other RPGs. Builds for all Classes can be found here, with different focuses, such as PVP or PVE. 

Lost Ark Build Guide


The Best Builds in Lost Ark focus on optimizing Character Creation with the intention of min/maxing, knowing exactly how many Levels each Build can take, and how many Levels of each Class are needed (in the case of Multiclassing).

Trial and error is needed to achieve this in many cases, since enemy composition plays a role in what Weapons and Skills are more useful than others. Tailoring Builds to the exact things you'll be facing in Lost Ark is a huge part of what makes specific Builds better than ones you might find in regular RPG. If you're looking for the Best Builds in Lost Ark, you can choose from any of the following.



Best PvE Builds

  1. Holy Protector Paladin Build
  2. Gunslinger Huntress Build
  3. Shadowhunter Impulse Suppression Build

Best PvP Builds

  1. Bard PvP Build
  2. Gunslinger PvP Build
  3. Gunlancer PvP Build


Best Melee PvE Builds

  1. Holy Protector Paladin Build
  2. Shadowhunter Impulse Suppression Build
  3. Berserker Guardian Raid Build

Best Melee PvP Builds

  1. Gunlancer PvP Build
  2. Paladin PvP Build
  3. Scrapper PvP Build


Best Ranged PvE Builds

  1. Gunslinger Huntress Build
  2. Nuke Sorceress Build
  3. Bard Guardian Raid Build

Best Ranged PvP Builds

  1. Bard PvP Build
  2. Gunslinger PvP Build
  3. Sorceress PvP Build


Best Warrior Builds


Berserker Builds

Berserkers are powerful melee warriors that specialize in hand-to-hand combat, with their massive Greatswords they obliterate everything in their path. Can be considered one of the easiest Classes to play for beginners, as it is a rather tanky character that can endure many hits before going down.

  1. Berserker Build

Gunlancer Builds

Gunlancers take their protective shields to the battlefield and offer an interesting alternative as an advanced class for players. Their shields protect their allies and boost the defensive capabilities of themselves and their allies alike.

  1. Gunlancer Build

Paladin Builds

Paladins draw their powers from the divine, as much as they do from their weapons. Their Holy Skills and holy books offer a wide range of support magic that can strengthen their allies.

  1. Paladin Build


Best Mage Builds

Bard Builds

Bards take the battlefield with their harmonious harps, but do not be fooled by these soothing musicians. Their  raw damage output may be on the lower side, but their support capabilities are second to noone, and can easily turn a disastrous defeat into an unquestionable victory. 

  1. Bard Build

Sorceress Builds

Considered glass cannons by many due to their low physical endurance but their amazing damage output, Sorceresses are a popular option when creating a character in Lost Ark. Although they may look frail, and cannot engage in 1-on-1 combat, their ranged prowess and their arcane sheer power are unmatched. 

  1. Sorceress Build


Assassin Best Build

Deathblade Builds

Deathblades wield three swords and attack by slashing their foes rapidly through the power of chaos. This is style of play is fast, agile, and quick, but beware of your health as Deathblades tend to be fragile.

  1. Deathblade Build

Shadowhunter Builds

Shadowhunters are chaotic power incarnate, they embrace their demonic side and use it to wreak havoc through the enemy lines. Incredibly agile and shifty, Shadowhunters rely on Dexterity to scale their damage.

  1. Shadowhunter Build


Best Martial Arists Builds

Scrapper Builds

A well-balanced martial artist that delivers incredibly destructive blows using a heavy gauntlet

  1. Scrapper Build

Soulfist Builds

Soulfists are versatile martial artists that can switch between melee and ranged combat. They can even combine them to unleash devastating combos. The special energy they channel, called Adamance, can imbue their powers either by increasing their destructive power or by sustiaining themselves 

  1. Soulfist Build

Striker Builds

Strikers are elemental martial artists. This means that they rely on the unruly nature of the elements to inflict different types of damage. This combined with their peak physical form makes them a unique combination of power and finesse.

  1. Striker Build

Wardancer Builds

Wardancers defy gravity thanks to the elemental power they can store up. They unleash their lightning-quick attacks in mere seconds, destroying everything in their path.

  1. Wardancer Build


Best Gunner Builds

Artillerist Builds

Firepower is the name of the game for Artillerists. The bigger the guns, the better. They lack of agility is their main weakness, but they make up for it in sheer destructive power.

  1. Artillerist Build

Deadeye Builds

Versatile and nimble. Deadeyes allow players to choose from Double handguns, Shotguns and rifles. This versatility makes them exceptional in a variety of situations.

  1. Deadeye Build

Gunslinger Builds

Be quick or be dead, is the name of the game for Gunslingers. Nimble and fast. Their range game is unmatched and can destroy you in a flurry of attacks.

  1. Gunslinger Build




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