Crafting in Lost Ark is the ability to create items ranging from Weapons, Consumables, Upgrade Materials, Housing Features and more. Unlike other titles, there are no Crafting skills for the player to invest in. Instead, crafting is performed by Craftsmen NPCs at various locations. After progressing enough in the game, players can also craft items on their own at their Island Stronghold. This page covers information on Crafting such as available crafted items, their recipes, relevant NPCs, material guides and more.


Lost Ark Crafting Overview

Crafting in Lost Ark is an extensive system that covers many aspects of a player's equipment management. There are a plethora of items available to the player and many of them can be acquired through crafting.

How to Craft in Lost Ark

Crafting is performed by NPCs in major cities. These craftsmen have varying items available for crafting. Players will need to have the appropriate materials on hand as well as some gold in order to craft items. Refer to the NPCs section for relevant craftsmen.

After progressing enough in the game, players will also gain access to their Island Stronghold which is a personal housing estate available to the player. The Island Stronghold comes with many features both cosmetic and practical. One such feature is the Workbench which allows players to craft items on their own, provided they have researched the appropriate recipes and blueprints at the Laboratory, which is also found in the Stronghold. The Stronghold is a major feature with its own systems and complexities. Refer to the Island Stronghold page for a full guide.

Crafting & Life Skills

Crafting goes hand-in-hand with Life Skills, which are essentially gathering professions that players can invest in to collect materials. Life Skills each have their own progression and leveling system as well as a unique set of abilities that improve the player's ability to gather materials. 

Leveling up a Life Skill is not absolutely necessary as materials can always be purchased from other players using the Auction House. However, investing in a Life Skill or two can significantly cut costs for you, and some can even be a good source of income.


Lost Ark Crafting Categories


Recipes in Lost Ark refer to a set of instructions to create different items such as Weapons, Armor, Life Skill Tools, Battle Items and more. Some recipes are available at Craftsmen NPCs which the player does not need to learn themselves. Instead, they can turn in the required materials and pay the crafting fee in order to craft the item. There are also recipes that the player can learn via research at their Island Stronghold so that they may craft the items on their own. This section is a list of all available crafting recipes in Lost Ark.



All Lost Ark Crafting Recipes

Quick Search of All Crafting Recipes






[Example Only] HP Potion x 3 Battle Items 3 x Small Lilium Flower
3 x Small Sunset Primrose
3 x Small Clown Mushroom
Jeha, Risanne, Samassa, Sethi, Vanessa


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