Crossroads of Destiny

Main Quest

Location Trixion



Crossroads of Destiny is a group of short Main Quest given at the very beginning of Lost ArkCrossroads of Destiny is part of the main story of Lost Ark and it is necessary to complete it in order to complete the game. However, it is recommended to complete some non Main Quests of your choice to gain additional equipment and level up in order to make Main Quests easier by being better equipped and prepared. Completing Main Quests will eventually lead you to unlock new features of the game and gain a full experience of it. 


Now, follow the path of the light.


Lost Ark: Crossroads of Destiny Information & Walkthrough

Crossroads of Destiny is the new prologue and tutorial quest, common to all Classes. Right at the beginning to the game, you will be teleported by Beatrice to Trixion, which is some kind of ethereal plane location.

This place is small and you only have one way to go, and as Beatrice commands you must follow the light. You must walk towards the lights, there's an invisible bridge that you can walk through, so don't be afraid, you won't fall.

On the other side, you will meet Beatrice again who will ask you to Open the Tome of Prophecy. You can interact with it, you will be able to test each Advanced Class before you make your final decision.

Go up the stairs and talk to Beatrice again.


Lost Ark: How to Obtain Crossroads of Destiny

Follow the next steps to obtain the Crossroads of Destiny quest:

  • Start a new game.


Lost Ark: Crossroads of Destiny Rewards

By completing Crossroads of Destiny you will be rewarded as follows:

  • N/A


Crossroads of Destiny Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here..


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