Currencies in Lost Ark are special types of Items with monetary value. Currencies are used to pay for most services in Lost Ark including purchasing and upgrading Equipment, Crafting, accessing features and many, many more. Currencies come in many forms, with four major Currencies being the most common and most universal: Royal Crystals, Crystals, Silver and Gold. There are also minor currencies with specific uses in varying areas of the game. This page covers information on all Currencies available in Lost Ark.



Lost Ark Currencies Guide

Major Currencies


royal crystals currencies lost ark wiki guide

Royal Crystals

Usage: Used to buy Crystal Packages, cosmetics and other items in game.

How to Acquire: This is the only Currency purchased with real-world money.

crystals currencies lost ark wiki guide


Usage: Main Currency used to acquire in-game items, including items from Mari's Secret Store.

How to Acquire: Earned by completing certain quests, achievements or acquired with Royal Crystals in the store. Can also be acquired by exchanging Gold via the in-game Currency Exchange.

gold currencies lost ark wiki guide


Usage: Used to purchase Consumable Items, Gear, as well as reforging Gear.

How to Acquire: Earned by completing certain Quests, Raids, or exchanged for Royal Crystals through the in-game Currency Exchange.

silver currencies lost ark wiki guide


Usage: Used to acquire common materials, repair gear, move from continent to continent, use triports and purchase items from in-game vendors.

How to Acquire: Earned through most game progression activities (quests, combat, environment chests, etc.)




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