Firepower Enhancement

Bonus per Level

Lv. 1: Incoming Damage -20%. Crit Rate +(15%, 20%, 25%) depending on the level of the Firepower Buff.
Lv. 2: Incoming Damage -25%. Crit Rate +(20%25%30%) depending on the level of the Firepower Buff.
Lv. 3: Incoming Damage -30%. Crit Rate +(25%30%35%) depending on the level of the Firepower Buff.

Firepower Enhancement is one of the available Engravings in Lost ArkFirepower Enhancement allows players to reduce incoming damage, and boost Crit Rate depending on the level of the Firepower buff. This Engraving can be used by Artillerist Exclusive. Engravings may provide different bonuses, some of them positive and other negative. There are also Class specific Engravings, that allow you to change the way you can play the selected Class. Engravings may be found on Accessories or can be learned by obtaining Engraving Recipe Books.


Lost Ark Firepower Enhancement Information


Firepower Enhancement bonus per Level in Lost Ark

In order to Level up Firepower Enhancement, players  need to spend nodes. Each Engraving can be leveled up to Level 3. Each Level requires 5 nodes, so players will need 5 nodes for Level 1, 10 nodes for Level 2 and, finally,  15 nodes for Level 3.

Note that spending 5 Nodes on an Engraving or spending, for example, 7 Nodes on it, provides the same bonuses, with no difference whatsoever. This means that you should aim to always have your Engravings with 5, 10 or 15 Nodes, in order to manage them as efficiently as possible.


  • Lv. 1: Incoming Damage -20%. Crit Rate +(15%20%25%) depending on the level of the Firepower Buff.
  • Lv. 2: Incoming Damage -25%. Crit Rate +(20%25%30%) depending on the level of the Firepower Buff.
  • Lv. 3: Incoming Damage -30%. Crit Rate +(25%30%35%) depending on the level of the Firepower Buff.


How to unlock Firepower Enhancement in Lost Ark

Firepower Enhancement in Lost Ark, can be unlocked in a a few different ways:


  • Players can get up to 15 Engraving points Max from Accesories. (3 for each of the two Earrings, 3 for each of the two Rings, and 3 for the Amulet).



Ability Stones

Each character can only equip 1 Ability Stone at a time. Ability Stones, have different rarities. In order to obtain this points, you need to take your Ability Stone, to an Ability Stonesmith. You can always find one at the town you are in.


Engraving Points


+6 Engraving Points


+8 Engraving Points


+9 Engraving Points


+10 Engraving Points



Firepower Enhancement Notes and tips

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    • Anonymous

      Information listed is incorrect in the NA version all levels of Firepower Enhancement just give -20% damage and the crit chance increase is
      Lv1: 15/20/25
      Lv2: 22/27/32
      Lv3: 30/35/40

      Hands down the best engrave for Artillerist. The flat 20% damage reduction on its own is amazing, combined with a healthpool that easily breaks 100k and you got a staggering wall of flesh, add in the number of shields this madman gets and you got something that'd give a Gunlancer a run for its money.

      The crit chance though is great, at gauge Lv1 you see a massive difference in damage and at Lv3 it only gets crazier. A staggered boss unlucky enough to sit infront of Lv3 Firepower Enhanced artillery at full gauge is in for a world of hurt. Swap over to barrage mode and pop your Energy Cannon and watch a steady stream of 150k-200k damage crits literally on par with an unboosted missile barrage awakening.

      Everyone wants to go on and on about Grudge and Dolls but for artillirest this is your engrave first and foremost

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