Forgotten Temple Atrasis


Located at Ancient Malduke Ruins


Released Light of Destiny

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Points of Interest


Forgotten Temple Atrasis is a Location in Lost Ark. Every Location in Arkesia has NPCs, Merchants, Quests and most importantly, Loot. Different types of Enemies, Bosses and Events can be found at most Locations in Lost Ark. 


Where does this road lead to?


Lost Ark: Forgotten Temple Atrasis Information

The Forgotten Temple Atrasis can be found by destroying the trap at the last point of Ancient Malduke Ruins, a dark portal will open on the ground. It's a dark zone that seems to be falling apart as you advance. There are a few obstacles in your way.
At the last point you will find a dark scroll that seems to have information about the Ark, but you must defeat the Astolique boss.


Lost Ark: Forgotten Temple Atrasis Related Quests

The following Quests are related to or can be obtained in Forgotten Temple Atrasis


Lost Ark: How to Access Forgotten Temple Atrasis

Forgotten Temple Atrasis is located at Ancient Malduke Ruins and can be accessed by:


Lost Ark: Forgotten Temple Atrasis Bosses

The following Bosses can be found at Forgotten Temple Atrasis, some Bosses may require you to do certain task to be summoned:


Lost Ark: Forgotten Temple Atrasis NPCs & Merchants

The following NPCs & Merchants can be found in Forgotten Temple Atrasis:


Lost Ark: Forgotten Temple Atrasis Map

World Location Map of Forgotten Temple Atrasis


Map of Forgotten Temple Atrasis



Forgotten Temple Atrasis Notes & Tips

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