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Location Prideholme

Related Quests

Winter Preparations

Gorri is an NPC in Lost ArkGorri as any other NPC, is an interactable character that may help you on your Quest. Generally NPCs are Quest Givers, Merchants or at least they may offer a piece of Lore to the game. In this case Gorri is a Quest Giver. You can gain affinity with some NPCs in order to gain rewards. You can also get them to live in your Private Island, by maxing out your affinity with them.


Do you think you can collect some feathers at Loghill...?


Lost Ark: Gorri Information

Gorri is found in Prideholme on the way to Loghill, he asks you to collect feathers since the villagers can't go to Loghill recently because of the robbers.


Lost Ark: Gorri Location

Where & How to find Gorri:


Lost Ark: Gorri Related Quests

The following Quests are related to Gorri:


Gorri Notes & Tips

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