HP Potion

Uncommon Battle Item

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Heals 30.0% HP instantly.

Cooltime: 10 seconds
Usable Level: --

HP Potion is a Battle Item in Lost Ark. Battle Items are Consumable Items that can be used to support you in battle by gfranting you buffs, recharging your stats and resistances. Also some other Battle Items are throwables that can be used against enemies to inflict different types of damage or status effects on them to make your battle easier.


Lost Ark HP Potion Effect

HP Potion has the following effects:

Heals 30.0% HP instantly.


Lost Ark Requirements for HP Potion

HP Potion requires a cooltime of 10 seconds after consumption to be consumed again.

HP Potion Usable Level: --


How to Get HP Potion Set in Lost Ark

HP Potion can be obtained as follows:

Crafted with:


Lost Ark HP Potion Set Notes and Tips


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