Icy Legoros

icy legoros icon guardian raids lost ark wiki guide
Guardian Raid Level 1
Minimum iLvl 380
Reward Tier Tier 1
Element Ice
Weakness Lightning
Recommended Battle Items HP Potion
Pheromone Bomb
Recommended Skill Affixes Stagger

Icy Legoros is a Guardian in Lost Ark. Guardians such as Icy Legoros are the objectives of Guardian Raids which are a type of high-level endgame activity consisting of unique encounters against a single Boss opponent. Guardian Raids are divided into several Raid Levels and are an important part of progression, rewarding players with many items such as Accessories, Ability StonesUpgrade Materials and more. 

Icy Legoros Guardian Raid Guide: This page covers Guardian Characteristics, Mechanics, Attack Patterns, Skill & Item Recommendations, as well as Tips & Tricks to help you defeat Icy Legoros in Lost Ark.




Icy Legoros General Information

Icy Legoros is the third Guardian encounter of Guardian Raid Level 1, requiring a Minimum Item Level of 380 in order to participate in the raid. Icy Legoros drops Tier 1 Accessories, Ability Stones and Upgrade Materials upon defeat. Rare drops also include Engraving Books, Runes and Cards. For a full list of possible loot, see the Loot Drop section below.

Icy Legoros is a muscular and scaly beast with a set of very large horns and tusks on its head. As its name implies, Icy Legoros is attuned to the Ice Element and uses attacks that deal this elemental damage type and can freeze players. Legoros is slightly smaller than the first two Guardians encountered in Raid Level 1 and does not have an Enrage or HP Threshold mechanic. However, Icy Legoros tends to combo more and even has attacks that can get players stunlocked or otherwise unable to move. When staggered, Legoros will perform a devastating attack as it recovers. Similar recovery mechanics will come into play as you challenge more advanced Guardians so take note of this characteristic.


Icy Legoros Guardian Raid Preparation & Recommendations

Skills & Equipment

Players can improve their chance of a successful raid on Icy Legoros by prepping with the following setups:

  • Stagger Skills - Icy Legoros is a very agile opponent and it is difficult to find openings between its swift attacks. It is recommended to bring along skills with a high Stagger modifier to gain a brief window of uninterrupted combos.
  • Counter Skills - Just as with many Guardians, Icy Legoros will use a Charge attack where it briefly glows blue before dashing towards its target. Bring along Skills with the Counter modifier and take this opportunity to stagger the opponent, granting a short window of attack for your team.
  • Lightning Weakness - Icy Legoros has a weakness to the Lightning Element. Due to its agility and difficulty to obtain openings, you can use skills and weapons with the Lightning elemental property to deal more damage to the creature.


Battle Items

The following Battle Items are recommended for taking on Icy Legoros:

  • HP Potion - Standard healing Battle Item for when you get caught in a bind.
  • Pheromone Bomb - Pheromone Bombs are useful for preventing Guardians from using their Escape mechanic. Icy Legoros will sometimes attempt to use such a mechanic and a well-timed bomb can send it back to its original location after teleporting.
  • Flare - An essential pick for Guardian Raids, the Flare will briefly reveal the location of a Guardian on the mini-map, saving you the time and trouble of scouring the map to look for it. Flares are also effective in locating a Guardian after they use their Escape mechanic, which Icy Legoros can sometimes use.



Icy Legoros Notable Mechanics

Recovery Attack

After Icy Legoros is stunned by depleting its Stagger meter, it will perform an Icicle Burst attack as it gets back on its feet. This attack deals devastating damage in melee range all around the Guardian. It is telegraphed by a white icy glow emanating from the creature just before it unleashes the move. Stun the Guardian, dish out your punishment but get clear of the area when it gets back up.


As with many Guardians, Icy Legoros will sometimes use an Escape mechanic to teleport to a random location on the map. This Guardian's Escape animation involves dashing away from players, usually off-screen and then quickly teleporting. It is quite difficult to differentiate between this dash and its standard dash attacks as they look identical. One way to tell is that the Guardian becomes invincible during the dash animation which is also when you can toss a Pheromone Bomb to prevent its escape. It may not be worth the trouble as you can always use a Flare to locate the monster again after it escapes.


Icy Legoros Attack Patterns

Claw Swipe - Legoros turns towards a player and swipes with its claws once in a large arc. Very simple to avoid if you watch its head as it faces its target.

Double Slash - Legoros swings diagonally with its right claw and then horizontally with its left in quick succession as it advances forward a short distance. Just as with the Claw Swipe, watch its head and dodge to its side. Legoros will sometimes perform this move twice in a row, with a short delay before the second instance. However, Legoros will continue slashing and advancing towards the same direction, making this follow-up variation a great opening to deal damage to the monster.

Dash Attack - Legoros steps back very slightly and claws the ground with its left arm. It then dashes forward in a straight line, trampling anything along its path. This attack is even easier to avoid than previous Guardian dashes due to Legoros' slender, more narrow body.

  • Charged Dash - Just as with many Guardians, Legoros glows blue and then dashes forward, knocking players away and dealing heavy damage. Use a skill with the Counter modifier aimed at its front to stop the Guardian in its tracks and set up a brief opening to deal punishment. Be warned that unlike other Guardians thus far, Legoros can perform a Charged Dash up to 3 times in quick succession if the move is not countered.

Ice Breath - Legoros leaps backward with a 360-degree spinning retreat animation and then unleashes a Freezing Breath in a cone directly in front of it as it lands. Getting hit by this breath attack will freeze players in place for a few seconds, setting them up for dangerous follow-ups such as the Divebomb attack. The breath itself has a narrow hitbox and is easy enough to avoid if you watch the Guardian's movement carefully.

Divebomb - Legoros lets out a roar as it swings its head upwards. It then jumps sky-high, disappearing off-screen before crashing down to deal immense damage in an area and stun any players caught in the hitbox. Its landing zone is highlighted briefly, making the attack easy to avoid if you watch carefully. Legoros will sometimes follow up its Ice Breath attack with this move which results in a devastating combo that will likely kill most players.

Triple Leap - Legoros slams the ground lightly with its front claws, locks onto a target and proceeds to leap towards them three times. The first two leaps are performed in quick succession while the final leap is performed after a short delay, dealing more damage and knocking players away. This move is easy enough to avoid by continually moving as the attack is not fast enough to catch up to a player's regular run speed. However, do not run towards your allies as each landing has a sizable impact zone that can cause collateral damage.

Icicle Burst - Legoros glows with an icy white aura before slamming its left claw into the ground, sending dozens of large icicles jutting out of the ground all around the monster. Legoros will always perform this move as it recovers from a Stun induced by depleting its invisible Stagger meter but may sometimes use the move outside of this condition as well.



Icy Legoros Loot Drops



Icy Legoros Notes & Tips

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