Legends and Fairytales

Main Quest

Location Prideholme


  • XP +5,874
  • Expedition XP +324
  • Skill Points +5
  • Swiftness Robe x3
  • Silver +182

Legends and Fairytales is a Main Quest in Lost ArkLegends and Fairytales is part of the main story of Lost Ark and it is necessary to complete it in order to complete the game. However, it is recommended to complete some non Main Quests of your choice to gain additional equipment and level up in order to make Main Quests easier by being better equipped and prepared. Completing Main Quests will eventually lead you to unlock new features of the game and gain a full experience of it. 


Oh, the slab engraved with something about the Ark, right? Kind of naive to believe in a made-up story like that.


Lost Ark: Legends and Fairytales Information & Walkthrough

The mystery of the missing part of the tablet at the cathedral is still unsolved. Varut suggest that you investigate and asks the locals at the tavern. Get out of the cathedral. At this point you will have to ask many NPCs for information and they all will suggest you to talk to another NPC. This serves as an introduction to different types of NPCs as each visited NPC will also have another role as a Merchant or side quest giver. You may have to talk them twice to see what they offer.

Go to the Tavern to the northeast. Talk to Neria, she will tell you that she doesn't know much, but she'll suggest you talk to Alayla.

Talk to Alayla at her shop next to the tavern. She'll suggest you ask Ruden about the stone.

Talk to Ruden at the Plaza. He will tell you how to use your Adventurer's Tome. Do it and come back to him, he will then tell you to talk to Nall.

Head to the southwest, and find Nall. Talk to him. Nall will teach about the Triport, that it can be used to fast travel between distant zones within the same continent. Nall will suggest you to ask Siera about the tablet. 

Talk to Siera, she is to the south under a tree. She will give you an instrument and teach you a song introducting you to the songs mechanics. Open your inventory and use the Song of Escape sheet music. You can also access the song from the Sheet Music menu that can be accessed on the Adventure button below. You can also register the sheet music to a quick slot to play it. She'll then suggest you to talk to the stonemasons of Loghill.

Right after you talked to Siera, the quest will be considered Complete and you will automatically claim the rewards. You will also automatically obtain the next quest: Legacy of the Ancients


Lost Ark: How to Obtain Legends and Fairytales

Follow the next steps to obtain the Legends and Fairytales quest:


Lost Ark: Legends and Fairytales Rewards

By completing Legends and Fairytales you will be rewarded as follows:

  • XP +5,874
  • Expedition XP +324
  • Skill Points +5
  • Swiftness Robe x3
  • Silver +182


Legends and Fairytales Notes & Tips

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