Life Skills in Lost Ark are essentially gathering professions that players can invest in and master. Life Skills allow players to collect various materials and resources used in Crafting. Players have access to all six Life Skills from the beginning and are not limited in which they can use. However, leveling them up requires frequent use and investing in the various abilities each skill offers. This page covers information on all Life Skills and related info. 

  • Using any Life Skill will consume your "Life Energy Meter" o Energy of Life. This meter regenerates at a rate of ~4,000 energy per day, with a max cap of 10,500. Note that Life Energy is shared among all characters on the same account.
  • Energy of life: It is consumed whenever you acquire gathered items or use life skills. If the energy of life is insufficient, the acquisition of gathered materials and the use of skills are restricted.
  • Using a Life Skill requires a Life Skill Tool. These come in various rarities and can roll a random special effect when obtained.
  • Life Skill Tools have a durability meter which depletes as you use the skill. You can repair tools at the cost of silver but this will also reduce their max durability by a small amount per repair. Tools can be sharpened using Crystals purchased from the Cash Shop to rebuild their max durability.

Lost Ark Life Skills


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Used to gather flowers and mushrooms which are used in crafting Potions.


[img goes here]

A Life Skill focused on cutting down trees and gathering wood. Useful in building your Stronghold.


[img goes here]

A Life Skill used to mine ore. Specializes in crafting Weapons as well as bombs for use in combat.



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Used to gather materials from animals useful in crafting food.


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A Life Skill focused on gathering food materials.


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A Life Skill focused on unearthing relics.


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