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A Trade Skill used to mine ore and minerals. Useful for crafting Weapons.
Tools Used Mining Tool
Material Focus Ore, Minerals
Crafting Focus Stronghold Upgrades & Equipment

Mining is one of the Trade Skills available in Lost Ark. Trade Skills are non-combat abilities that allow players to gather various resources and materials which are used in Crafting and other applications. Mining allows players to gather materials from ore and mineral veins. This page covers all information on the Mining Trade Skill.


Lost Ark Mining Guide

Players can unlock the Mining skill along with all other Trade Skills by completing the chain of tutorial quests beginning with Crown of Lakebar in Lakebar Village.

In order to mine, players need to find mining nodes such as ore and mineral veins. These are represented by a chunk of blue rock icon mining nodes icon trade skills lost ark wiki guide on the mini-map. The type of materials available in a node will depend on a few factors:

  • All nodes will give a Common material, with a chance of getting Uncommon and Rare materials.
  • The chance to obtain Uncommon or Rare materials increases with Trade Skill level, certain bonuses on the tool used or by harvesting from a Mysterious variant of the node. Special Trade Skill abilities can also increase the chance of yielding rarer materials.
  • Uncommon materials vary depending on the node.
  • Rare materials vary depending on the location, instead of the node type. For example, Iron veins in Yorn will yield different Rare materials compared to Iron veins in Punika.

Once you find a node, switch to Trade Skill mode (default key 'B') and press 'G' to use the Pickaxing ability to begin mining. Each mining node can be mined twice before it disappears. Materials gathered from Mining are used in Stronghold Upgrades and other crafting applications.

Your ability to mine nodes will be limited by your available Work Energy, a special resource used to perform Trade Skill actions. Work Energy has a cap of 10,000 and regenerates at a rate of ~30 Energy every 10 minutes.


Mining Tools in Lost Ark

Mining requires the use of a Mining Tool in order to gather materials. Tools can be acquired in many different ways including purchasing from Vendors, Crafting, or received as a reward from Quests and other activities.

When a Trade Skill tool is acquired, it will randomly 'roll' Bonuses which grant special effects when using the tool. Rarity increases the amount of Bonuses that can roll onto a tool when acquired, starting from 1 Bonus with Uncommon tools and up to 5 Bonuses with Relic tools. Each Bonus also has a degree of effectiveness, which is also randomly rolled. See the list on the right for the types of Bonuses available to Mining Tools. 

Each tool also comes with a Durability meter which is depleted every time its respective Trade Skill is used. A tool's durability can be repaired using Silver. However, this will also reduce its Maximum Durability with each subsequent repair. Tools can be sharpened to recover their Max Durability by using Craftsman Tokens purchased with Blue Crystals at the Cash Shop. This is not recommended during the early stages and any Tokens you acquire should be reserved for when you get a higher tier tool that rolls great Bonuses.

Mining Tool Bonuses

The following Bonuses can randomly be rolled onto a Mining Tool when it is acquired. How many of them are rolled depends on the tool's Rarity. The degree of effectiveness is also rolled randomly:

  • Super Armor (Immunity to Paralysis)
  • Increased Gathering Speed
  • Increased Basic Reward drop rate
  • Increased Rare Material drop rate
  • Increased chance for Special Rewards
  • Reduces chance of tool durability loss


Lost Ark Mining Abilities

The following abilities are unlocked as you level up in Mining:

  • Pickaxing (Lv. 1; Passive Ability) - Basic mining ability used to gather from ore veins.
  • Perfect Timing (Lv. 10; Passive Ability) - When mining, there is a chance to trigger a mini-game where pressing the key with the correct timing will give an increased chance of yielding Rare items.
  • Moonlight Miner (Lv. 20; Toggle Ability) - A toggle  ability that, when active, increases the chance of obtaining rarer materials at the cost of more Work Energy consumption per mining attempt.
  • Mining Bomb (Lv. 30; Active Ability) - Sets up a bomb that destroys nearby Ore veins, dropping lots of ore at once. Can hit multiple veins with one bomb.


 The following abilities are the Mastery Skills available to Mining. They are unlocked and upgraded as your Mining level increases:

  • Jewelry Appraiser
  • Pickaxe Craftsman
  • Mining Master


Mining Gathered Materials for Lost Ark

The following are all materials gathered via the Mining skill. Also listed are each material's usage, location and other related info.

  • Info to be added


Mining Notes & Tips for Lost Ark

  • Mining XP potions are sold on Meteora for 250 Strong Iron Ore, with a roster limited purchase of 5 per week.


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