Mute Guardian Set

Item Lvl 802 (Tier 2)
Type Armor Set
2 Pieces
Combat Resource Recovery Speed: +30%
5 Pieces
Crit Damage +25%.

Mute Guardian Set is an Armor Set in Lost ArkArmor Sets in Lost Ark are composed of a total of 6 pieces, five pieces correspond to Helms, Chestspieces, Gloves, Pants and Shoulders, while the sixth piece is a Weapon. While the Armor Set contains up to 6 armor pieces, players can get the maximum bonus by equipping five armor set pieces.


Lost Ark Mute Guardian Set Bonus

Mute Guardian Set bonuses vary on how many pieces the character equips:

2 Set Bonus:

  • Combat Resource Recovery Speed: +30%

5 Set Bonus:

  • Crit Damage +25%.


How to Get Mute Guardian Set in Lost Ark

Mute Guardian can be obtained as follows:

Each Armor piece can be crafted with:

Armor Set Weapon can be Crafted with:



Mute Guardian Set Armor Pieces in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, the Mute Guardian Set is composed of 5 armor pieces and one of the following weapons:


Lost Ark Mute Guardian Set Notes and Tips

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