Rings in Lost Ark are a category of Accessories which are worn by players to supplement their Weapons and Armor. Accessories provide bonuses to a character's Main Stat and Vitality, as well as bonus effects from Engravings. Rings are equipped on the Finger slot and players can equip up to two Rings at once. This page covers a list of all Earrings in Lost Ark.

  • Engravings are rolled randomly onto Rings upon obtaining them, whether the Rings are crafted or acquired as a drop or reward.
  • Rings can have up to 2 Normal Engravings and 1 Negative Engraving depending on Rarity Tier.
  • Rings can also have an extra Custom Engraving applied onto them from a library of Engravings that the player has unlocked.
  • See the Engravings page for details on the Engraving system.



All Rings in Lost Ark


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