Sheet Music in Lost Ark, include a series of songs that the player can play if they have an instrument. The songs mechanic is introduced during the Legends and Fairytales quest, when the player eventually has to talk to Siera to ask about the missing part of the stone. She gives the player an instrument and gives them the Song of Escape song at first. Players can play any song as long as they have the corresponding Sheet.

You can access to Sheet Music through the inventory, or using the Sheet Music menu that can be accessed through the Adventure button at the bottom of the screen. Each song has a different effect and cooldown. You can also register the sheet music to a quick slot to play it.



Lost Ark Sheet Music





How to Obtain

Song of Escape 1m Quickly leave dungeons and islands Given by Siera at Prideholme during the Legends and Fairytales Main Quest.
Song of Trixion 5s Travel to Trixion  ??
Song of Return 120m Transfer to a registered city's Portal Statue Received in Easter Luterra during the Side Quest for the Portal Statue.
Song of Hearth and Home 5s Moves you to your stronghold Received in Eastern Luterra as part of the Stronghold Quest
Song of Valor 5s An encouraging anthem of Luterra Received in Western Luterra from the Prince as part of the Main Quest
Heart's Melody 5s A song with the power to move people's hearts ??
Song of Temptation 5s Can charm the target Can be claimed after reaching 50% in Yudia adventurer's tome
Song of Starlight 5s It is the song of the starkeeper who guides souls Follow the questline on Starlight Isle, then pay 3,300 Gienah coins.
Heavenly Harmony 5s A song harmonious with the flowers ??
Elegy of Serenity 5s A song that soothes away sadness ??
Song of Resonance 5s It opens hidden spaces Peyto Ship/Island 
Forest's Minuet 5s It reveals hidden paths by moving thorny vines Event on Lullaby Island needs The Song of Resonance for the event
Festival Overture 5s A song to mark the beginning of the holy festival ??
Song of Eternity 5s A beautiful song handed down to Sylvains ??
Song of Reminiscence 5s Remembering places and times of the past ??
Song of Spring 1s A melody to breathe like into the heart and soul ??

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