Shoulder Armor in Lost Ark are pieces of Armor worn in the Shoulder Slot to mitigate damage dealt by Enemies and Bosses, as well as other players in the case of PvP activities. Armor is divided into several categories depending on the slot they are worn in and each armor piece has its own set of stats and other effects which contributes to a player's overall defensive capabilities. Armor also changes the appearance of the player character for cosmetic purposes. This page lists all Shoulder Armor in Lost Ark, their stats, how to obtain them and other information.



All Shoulder Armor in Lost Ark


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Level Requirement

Item Level



[Example Only]Secure Mercenary Pauldrons N/A Gunner (Male) N/A 11 Dexterity: +26
Vitality: +51
Physical Defense: +6
Magical Defense: +6

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