urnil icon guardian raids lost ark wiki guide
Guardian Raid Level 1
Minimum iLvl 302
Reward Tier Tier 1
Element Fire
Weakness Water
Recommended Battle Items HP Potion
Whirlwind Grenade
Pheromone Bomb
Recommended Skill Affixes Stagger

Ur'nil is a Guardian in Lost Ark. Guardians such as Ur'nil are the objectives of Guardian Raids which are a type of high-level endgame activity consisting of unique encounters against a single Boss opponent. Guardian Raids are divided into several Raid Levels and are an important part of progression, rewarding players with many items such as Accessories, Ability StonesUpgrade Materials and more. 

Ur'nil Guardian Raid Guide: This page covers Guardian Characteristics, Mechanics, Attack Patterns, Skill & Item Recommendations, as well as Tips & Tricks to help you defeat Ur'nil in Lost Ark.




Ur'nil General Information

Ur'nil is the first Guardian encounter of Guardian Raid Level 1, requiring a Minimum Item Level of 302 in order to participate in the raid. Ur'nil drops Tier 1 Accessories, Ability Stones and Upgrade Materials upon defeat. Rare drops also include Engraving Books, Runes and Cards.

Ur'nil is a large, armored bear-like creature that uses its ferocious claws and explosive fire attacks to defend itself. As the first Guardian you will ever encounter, Ur'nil serves as an introduction to Guardian Raids, using simple movements and attack patterns while still punishing players who are ill-prepared. The Ur'nil encounter showcases raid mechanics such as the Counter-Attack, Enrage and Escape mechanics which many other Guardians will use. Players should take this chance to get acclimated to these special mechanics and how to overcome them as raids will only get harder and more complex from here on out. 


Ur'nil Guardian Raid Preparation & Recommendations

Skills & Equipment

Players can improve their chance of a successful raid on Ur'nil by prepping with the following setups:

  • Stagger Skills - Stagger damage is an important tool in breaking Ur'nil out of its Enraged state, as well as preventing it from escaping to a different area. Bring along Skills that have the Stagger Affix, preferably in the Mid to High ranges.
  • Counter Skills - Every class has at least one Skill with the Counter Affix. These can be used strategically to stop a Guardian's charge attacks and render them briefly stunned and open to punishment.
  • Water Weakness - Ur'nil has a weakness to the Water Element and will take 10% more damage from water elemental damage sources. Consider bringing along skills or weapons that deal this damage type if you wish to have an upper hand damage-wise.


Battle Items

The following Battle Items are recommended for taking on Ur'nil:

  • HP Potion - You can bring along Battle Healing Potions of any rarity. Consider bringing the lowest rarity as Ur'nil is an entry-level Guardian and should not deal too much damage to players even at the minimum ilvl.
  • Whirlwind Grenade - These can be used to deal high stagger damage to Ur'nil and break it out of its Enraged state. While these aren't necessary with a party equipped with good stagger damage, these can be a good safety net to make sure you can get that stagger in.
  • Pheromone Bomb - Pheromone bombs can be used on Ur'nil to cause it to return to his current location after an escape attempt. Directly after Ur'nil uses its Ring Eruption attack, it will teleport to a random location, requiring players to look for it once more, taking up valuable time.
  • Flare - Flares are an essential pick for the Utility Battle Item slot for any Guardian Raid. Flares will highlight the position of the Guardian on the minimap briefly, saving you the trouble of looking for your target. Some Guardians such as Ur'nil will also attempt to escape combat by teleporting to a random location on the battlefield, after which you should use a flare to locate the enemy once more.


Ur'nil Notable Mechanics

Ur'nil introduces several persistent Guardian Raid mechanics which other Guardians will use to varying degrees. The most prominent of these is the Stagger meter.


Many Guardians will have an invisible Stagger meter that can be depleted by using Skills with the Stagger Affix, a stat that can range from Low to High. Such skills will deal damage to an opponent's stagger meter in varying degrees. When the stagger meter is depleted, the creature will be stunned for a few seconds and will take increased damage from players. In the case of Ur'nil, its Stagger meter is tied to its Enrage mechanic.


After some time, Ur'nil will briefly glow a bright orange color and let out a loud roar as it stands on its hind legs. This signifies it is entering its Enraged state. While enraged, the markings on its side glow a fiery orange and its attack speed and damage increases. The enraged state also modifies some of its abilities, making them more powerful and adding explosive effects to them.

Ur'nil can be knocked out of the Enraged state when it takes enough Stagger damage. In addition, the monster will be stunned for a considerable amount of time and will take increased damage while it is stunned. Finally, knocking Ur'nil out of its Enraged state will prevent it from using its Escape mechanic.


Many Guardians will use an Escape mechanic of some sort to teleport out of combat and into a random location in the battlefield, costing players valuable time looking for them once more. In the case of Ur'nil, its escape mechanic is tied to the Enrage state. Failing to knock it out of Enrage will eventually cause the Guardian to use its Ring Eruption attack. Following this, Ur'nil will cast the teleportation spell and escape.

In the event of a successful escape, be sure to use a Flare immediately to locate the Guardian on the mini-map once more, cutting down on time looking for it. Alternatively, if you have a Pheromone Bomb, you can toss it at Ur'nil just after the Ring Eruption and right before it disappears. This Battle Item will cause the creature to return to the location after teleporting, again saving you the trouble of looking for it.

Ur'nil Attack Patterns

Ur'nil's attack patterns are quite predictable and have long wind-ups or easy telegraphs. Most of its attacks are also aimed directly in front of it or to its back, so staying at its side throughout the fight is generally a safe strategy.

Claw Swipe - Ur'nil lifts its left arm up and then swipes twice in front of it. There is a short delay before the creature slashes and you should have plenty of time to get to its side.

Claw Barrage - This move begins exactly the same way as the Claw Swipe, but after the first slash, Ur'nil performs a series of many violent slashes, ending in a powerful ground smash which sends an explosion in front of it. The explosion can afflict players with the Burn debuff, dealing damage-over-time for a few seconds. Just as with the Claw Swipe, move to the monster's side to avoid all hits entirely.

Leap Strike - Ur'nil backs up a very short distance and then leaps forward a short distance, slashing with its claw as it lands. Pay attention to the backstep and move to its side. Alternatively, if you are directly in front of the Guardian's head, you can simply walk forward and it will leap over you, leaving you unharmed. When Enraged, Ur'nil will also send explosions in a straight line in front of it upon landing.

Reverse Body Slam - Ur'nil stands tall on its hind legs, growling. It then falls backwards, attempting to crush any players directly behind it. Ur'nil uses this attack when players stand behind him but it is easy to avoid due to the long wind-up.

Charge Attack - Ur'nil growls and glows blue for a brief moment and then dashes forward in a straight line over a short distance, trampling anything in its way. At the end of the charge, it performs an explosive uppercut with both arms, sending any players hit flying. You can avoid this attack entirely by moving to its side if you are targeted. However, if you have a Counter skill equipped, it is recommended that you counter this skill as it will stun the monster briefly, giving you a good opening to deal punishment.

Fireball Toss - Ur'nil summons a fireball a short distance directly in front of it. After a short delay, it pulls the fireball towards itself, damaging and burning any players along the way. Finally, Ur'nil tosses the fireball directly behind it, causing a large explosion on impact. The fireball can land right on the Guardian's backside or a short distance behind it. This attack has a very long animation and players should take advantage and dish out as much damage as possible. Staying on Ur'nil's side during the entire attack is completely safe.

Ring Eruption - Used exclusively when Enraged, Ur'nil slams the ground with both arms, creating fiery fissures in a ring around it that slows the movement speed of any players standing in it. The ring will explode after brief delay and will deal immense damage. Players can avoid this attack by standing within melee range of Ur'nil or really far away from it. After using this move, Ur'nil exits its Enraged state and will teleport to a random location on the battlefield.


Ur'nil Loot Drops


Ur'nil Notes & Tips

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