Welcome to Prideholme

Common Quest

Advised Item Lvl -
Location Prideholme


XP 352
Mission XP 134
Silver x5

Welcome to Prideholme is a Common Quest in Lost Ark. Common Quests may not grant the best Equipment of the game, but they still grant rewards for completing them. Common Quests can be obtained everywhere and serve as a general guideline for the game. 


Tavernkeeper Neria says she'll tell me about various places of interest in Prideholme. I'd better head out of the tavern and take her up on it.


Lost Ark: Welcome to Prideholme Information & Walkthrough

Get out of the Tavern, a cinematic will trigger while Neria narrates all the features of Prideholme village.

To complete the quest and claim your rewards, click on the quest name on your right, and click on "Complete".


Lost Ark: How to Obtain Welcome to Prideholme

Follow this steps to obtain Welcome to Prideholme:

  • Talk to Neria at the Tavern in Prideholme. (If the Legends and Fairytales quest is active, she'll talk about the stone, talk to her again after you finish and you'll obtain this quest)


Lost Ark: Welcome to Prideholme Rewards

By completing Welcome to Prideholme you will be rewarded as follows:

  • XP 352
  • Mission XP 134
  • Silver x5


Welcome to Prideholme Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here..



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