Winter Preparations

Common Quest

Advised Item Lvl -
Location Prideholme


XP 396
Mission XP 134
Silver x5

Winter Preparations is a Common Quest in Lost Ark. Common Quests may not grant the best Equipment of the game, but they still grant rewards for completing them. Common Quests can be obtained everywhere and serve as a general guideline for the game. 


Around a certain time of the year. White Redbeaks are sighted in loghill. Village Chief Gorri says that downy feathers plucked from the chests of the White Redbeaks make a good winter comforters and asked me to ollect them since they can't go to Loghill recently because of the robbers.
I should gather some fown feathers for a comforter and give it to Alayla at the equipment shop.


Lost Ark: Winter Preparations Information & Walkthrough

Collect 100 White Redbeak Down around Loghill. Go to Loghill and defeat some White Redbeaks to collect feathers.

Once you collect enough, return to Alayla at the Gear Shop in Prideholme, and talk to her. Claim your rewards.


Lost Ark: How to Obtain Winter Preparations

Follow this steps to obtain Winter Preparations:


Lost Ark: Winter Preparations Rewards

By completing Winter Preparations you will be rewarded as follows:

  • XP 396
  • Mission XP 134
  • Silver x5


Winter Preparations Notes & Tips

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