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Lost Ark Wiki Guide: Everything About Lost Ark

Lost Ark Wiki Guide is a compilation of guides and information for Lost Ark 2022. Everything you need for Classes, Abilities, Skills, Upgrades, Weapons, Armor, Accessories, leveling guide, combat, etc. A community resource open to be edited by anyone. Lost Ark Wiki also features data useful for both newcomers to the game seeking to learn the ropes of the game, and hardened veterans looking to share their knowledge of their adventures.

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What is Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an action-packed massively multiplayer online role playing game. Unlike many MMORPGs, Lost Ark is played from an Isometric perspective, made popular by the Diablo series and it draws inspiration from mechanics of similar titles. Additionally, it features high-octane combat full of flourish and flair, the likes of which are typically seen in flashy action-adventure titles such as Devil May Cry, combined with the beautifully breathtaking aesthetics and animation of the Korean game development scene that's been taking the industry by storm in recent years.

Embark on an odyssey for the Lost Ark in a vast, captivating world of endless depth. Discover wonders at every corner of the map and in every city, castle, and catacomb. Your adventure will lead you into many battles, alone and with allies. Delve into chaos dungeons, go head-to-head in expert PvP duels, test your mettle on epic quests, raid against bosses big and small, and hold your own in the fight against the demon legion to reclaim the eternal power and light of the Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is Free-to-Play, with microtransactions available in-game for certain features such as Cosmetics and Quality-of-Life features. There are also a handful of Founders' Packs available for purchase which grant various in-game exclusives such as pets and supplies, as well as some premium currency which can be used in the Cash Shop. 


Lost Ark Gameplay Features

Lost Ark is a massive game that combines the exploration, sense of discovery and immersion of the biggest MMORPGs with the fast-paced combat against hordes and hordes of enemies found in traditional action RPGs. Along with stunning visuals and a compelling world to traverse and discover, Lost Ark is the latest in blockbuster gaming experiences to get completely lost in.

  • Embark on a New Adventure! Lost Ark features vast, open world environments and instanced dungeons and raids strewn across a massive world made up of seven continents and hundreds of islands . Set sail on your own ship to traverse the seas to discover the many regions and settlements across Arkesia, as well as the perils that lay within.
  • 18 Playable Classes! Play your way. Take up your sword as the mighty Warrior, blaze a trail of death from afar with the Gunner or command the elements with the majestic Mage. There is something for everyone in Lost Ark. With 5 Base Classes, each with their own set of Advanced Classes, Lost Ark boasts a staggering 18 total classes to choose from. Each class provides a unique experience, with their own sets of abilities and equipment. With more coming in future updates, there is a class that will cater to every type of player. The best part — many features are shared across your account — so you are free and encouraged to create alternate characters in order to make the most of the Lost Ark experience without having to start from scratch each time.
  • An Action-Packed Combat Experience! Fight off hordes of demons and hostile creatures in style with plenty of flashy skills and combat maneuvers. Modify the way you fight by mixing different skill elements to perform variants of the same skills using the Tripod Skill System. Create unique builds to help take on the biggest challenges in Arkesia.
  • An Epic Amount of Quests! Driving the narrative forward and coloring the world of Lost Ark are hundreds of quests across its many continents. Discover the plight of Arkesia, uncover a tale of gods and demons, unravel sinister plots, uncover hidden friendships and alliances, and make your mark on the world as you search for the titular Lost Ark.
  • Dungeons & Raids! Team up with other players to take on the toughest content Lost Ark has to offer. Face off against the mighty Guardians and delve into the many instanced Dungeons. Overcome these challenges for a shot at big rewards.
  • Face Off Against Other Adventurers! Put your skills to the ultimate test in Player vs. Player combat. Defeat other players in to win epic loot. With so many advanced classes you’ll face a ton of match-ups and hundreds of skills in 3v3 Deathmatches and 1v1 Personal Arenas. 
  • Build Your Own Stronghold! As you make you way through Arkesia while following the main questline, you will eventually gain access to your own personal island outfitted with a Stronghold that grows as you invest in upgrades for it. Not only does this offer a customizable home space for players, but a variety of practical features as well including the ability to research and craft various items, build your own ship, sending your crew on naval missions and more.
  • Become a Professional! Take a breather and pick up one of the many Trade Skills and engage in relaxing resource farming activities which are also key to the game's many intricate crafting systems.

Lost Ark Release Info

Lost Ark has been a massive success in Korea since its official release in December 2019. With Amazon Games taking the helm as global publisher, the game was finally brought to North American and European regions in 2022, complete with full English localization.

  • Closed Beta: Nov 4th 2021
  • Release Date: Feb 8th 2022 (Early Access), Feb 12th 2022 (Global)
  • Platform: PC (Steam)
  • Developers: Tripod Studio / Smilegate RPG
  • Publishers: Smilegate / Amazon Games
  • Price: Free to Play, see Editions and Pricing


Lost Ark System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen 3
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / AMD HD6850
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Disk: 50GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit, DirectX 9.0c

Recommended Specs

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
  • GPU:
    • 1080p FHD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, or AMD Radeon RX560 2G
    • 1440p QHD: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 or AMD Radeon RX5700XT
    • Ultra (4K, UHD): NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 or AMD Radeon RX 6800
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Disk: SSD, 50GB
  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit, DirectX 11





Latest Updates for Lost Ark

As an MMORPG, Lost Ark is continuously evolving with a constant stream of updates ranging from small Quality-of-Life adjustments, Class and Equipment balance changes to larger content drops which include entire new Advanced Classes being introduced, new storylines and quests unraveling, new Endgame challenges being added, seasonal and limited-time events and many, many more. The Lost Ark developers are constantly at work to deliver new content, typically releasing them in minor and major patches each month. See the Patch Notes page for a full list of changes made to the game thus far. Below, we highlight the biggest, most recent changes to the game as well as key updates coming within the next few months.

July Update: Spells in Spades Highlights

july update patch notes lost ark wiki guide

Spells in Spades brings with it a plethora of updates, front and center of which is the new Arcanist Advanced Class for Mages. Also included are the Inferno Difficulty of the Valtan Legion Raid, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons, a new summer event, summer cosmetics, and more!

New Mage Advanced Class - Arcanist

arcanist advanced class patch notes lost ark wiki guide

The Arcanist imbues special cards with her Magick and uses them for a wide variety of effects. From slicing up enemies with a deluge of thrown cards to summoning powerful Magick attacks from the cards themselves, the Arcanist has a trick up her sleeve for every situation. The Arcanist will join the Bard and Sorceress as the third available Mage Advanced Class.

Valtan Legion Raid - Inferno Difficulty

valtan legion raid patch notes lost ark wiki guide

The most difficult version of Legion Raids, the Inferno difficulty is all about proving you’re the among the best of the best in Arkesia, and earning the prestige accompanying that feat. Rather than chasing the normal rewards of gear, honing materials, and everything else you’d receive in a Legion Raid, Inferno rewards instead showcase your victory with titles, achievements, Stronghold structures, and more! A new in-game vendor will be added for players to access a variety of prestigious rewards, earned after various numbers of clears.

There are a few key differences between Normal/Hard and Inferno difficulties:

  • ‘Scale of Balance’ is applied, and the raid requires use of the Book of Coordination, so everyone’s gear is normalized against the level of your Legion Commander opponent.
  • The gate progression system will not be active - you can’t make it half-way and come back later in the week.
  • Inferno mode will not count against your weekly attempt limit for Legion Raids, so you can play Valtan on Normal/Hard and Inferno in the same week, and try Inferno as many times as you’d like.

Valtan Inferno difficulty will require item level 1445 for players to participate.

Maharaka Festival & Waterpop Arena

water pop arena patch notes lost ark wiki guide

Enjoy pool-party pandemonium in a new time-limited Event! Hop in the Maharaka Paradise pool and compete on teams as you try to push the opposing team out of the arena by firing at them with a Water Pro water gun. As the game progresses, the arena gets smaller and smaller. Try and rack up points as quickly as possible to win. The event occurs every two hours, and players can earn Maharaka Leafs to exchange at an Event Vendor for a variety of valuable rewards. If you’re excited to further embrace the pool-party summer spirit, you’ll definitely want to checkout the Store Updates section below.

Challenge Abyssal Dungeons

challenge abyssal dungeons patch notes lost ark wiki guide

Similar to how Challenge Guardian Raids applies Scale of Harmony to equalize your power against your foe in Guardian Raids, Challenge Abyssal Dungeons will use this treatment on Abyssal Dungeons in a new weekly activity. With greater challenge also comes greater rewards. Various honing material selection pouches— like Challenge Guardians, you can pick the offering closest to your item level— will rotate through the rewards, and cards aplenty are available as drops or in the end-of-dungeon loot auction. You can play through each Abyssal Dungeon once (per roster) each week.

There are plenty more additions and changes included in this update. See July Update Patch Notes for a full list.

Lost Ark Roadmap Preview

August & September 2022

Coming to Lost Ark in the remaining summer season is a three-part update over two months — a smaller content update in August, a quality of life and back-end tech update in early September, and a final major content update near the end of September.

August's update will feature the Pet Ranch and Maharaka Festival - Blooming Mokokos content while the second portion of the September update will feature the new Machinist Advanced Class, a new Raid, events, skins and many more. Stay tuned!

Pet Ranch

pet ranch update preview lost ark wiki guide

The Pet Ranch is the perfect place to play, grow, and earn rewards with your pet. Complete the 'Yay, Pet Ranch!’ quest after you've unlocked the farm, the cave, and have a pet. Recover your pet’s morale, manage pet functions, and earn Jelly Cookies that can be exchanged for valuable rewards!

Maharaka Festival - Blooming Mokokos

blooming mokokos update preview lost ark wiki guide

The ongoing Maharaka festival will receive new activities in the August Update - The leaves from the Maharaka Tree in Maharaka Paradise are known to bring good luck. Collect as many as you can during the Maharaka Festival and exchange them for mounts, animal skins, and more!

New Advanced Class - Machinist

machinist advanced class preview lost ark wiki guide

The Machinist arrives in Arkesia armed to the teeth with highest-tech machine guns, laser weapons, and drones found in Arthentine— ready to blast, burn, and neutralize any threat with surgical precision. When standard weapons and drone strikes aren’t enough to take down a target, the Machinist can activate their identity skill and suit up in cutting-edge technology with the Hypersync ability. Energy cores for the high-tech Hypersync suit can be charged by landing attacks, and once entered, Hypersync core energy will be expended by abilities until the Machinist runs out. The Machinist will join the Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter as the fifth Gunner Advanced Class.

Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid

kakul saydon legion raid preview lost ark wiki guide

Kakul-Saydon enters the battlefield in the third Legion Raid. In this raid, you’ll face the insanity of the Midnight Circus as you battle members of the Mayhem Legion and Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon. No revives are available mid-battle, so be ready to fight for your life. Differing from Valtan & Vykas, Kakul-Saydon is a four-player Legion raid. This Legion Raid has 3 gates, and is complete with a swathe of new unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. While players will need to be Item Level 1475 to attempt the Normal difficulty of the raid, an easier version of the raid called Midnight Circus: Rehearsal can be entered by players at Item Level 1385 for to practice the difficult mechanics and teamwork required to vanquish the Mayhem Legion.


Everything We Know About Lost Ark

Lost Ark Lore

The god Regulus brings order and light to balance the darkness of chaos and creates worlds to embody each: Arkesia and Petrania. The order of the light is powered by the Ark, split seven ways for seven gods and spread across Arkesia. When the two worlds nearly destroy each other the Guardians are created to restore peace. While Arkesia prospers with the power of the Ark, Petrania embraces chaos until Kazeros, Lord of the Abyss, emerges to establish a dark order. He creates the Red Moon to imitate the sun, kills off most of the other demons, and forms an army of demon legions. The prophecy of another rift is nigh. 

lore preview lost ark wiki guide

In the absence of gods, the Sacrian Order seeks the collective power of all seven pieces of the Ark. This triggers a world war that awakens the Guardians. The Guardians restore peace and punish the Order and their allies, but not before a dimensional rift opens up. Kazeros invades Arkesia through the rift and establishes a reign of chaos. Finally, the Ark is used to close the rift and imprison Kazeros beneath a volcano. The seven pieces of the Ark are spread across the seven continents again as peace returns to a battered world. In the wake of Kazeros' catastrophic invasion, the world rebuilds with new factions and nations, led by the glorious war hero Luterra. The split Ark leaves behind a scarce and powerful mineral: Arkesium, quickly hoarded and used for weaponry. But, mostly, peace reigns for nearly 500 years. The current peace in Arkesia is threatened by the ancient and long-forgotten evil of chaos. The volcano imprisoning the most dangerous enemy this world has ever known, Kazeros, is about to erupt. Begin your adventure in a world on the brink of war...


Lost Ark Gameplay & Combat Overview

At the core of Lost Ark's gameplay is its fast-paced, stylish combat. At the fundamental level, combat is a hack-and-slash affair akin to dungeon crawlers. Players navigate the world of Arkesia through an isometric perspective and encounter settings with dozens of enemies on screen at once. Aside from basic attacks, each Class will learn its own set of Skills — active and passive abilities that give players different ways to deal damage, protect against attacks, heal, and inflict crowd control effects. Players have 8 slots they can allocate skills to at any one time, with more than a dozen learnable skills per class, allowing for diverse builds and combat experiences.

combat preview lost ark wiki guide

Skills use energy resources unique to each class and have cooldowns which prevent them from being used repeatedly. Certain skills also have properties that boost their efficacy when used with the correct positioning, such as Back Attacks which are more effective when used from behind an enemy. Utilizing these positioning advantages as well as crowd control effects is key to successful combat encounters. Each class has their own basic evasive maneuver which can be used to dodge incoming attacks. However, these typically have long cooldowns and cannot simply be spammed, making careful usage critical. Certain skills have movement properties that can double as extra dodge moves or quick traversal options.

combat preview 2 lost ark wiki guide

The combat experience can further be customized with the Skill Tripod system. These are modifiers that can be applied to skills to change the way they behave, alter their damage types as well as other properties they do not innately have. Each skill has three Tripod tiers, each one made available at skill levels 4, 7 and 10, respectively. There are three choices of modifiers for both the level 4 and level 7 tripods, while the final tripod has a choice between two modifiers. Players can unlock one modifier per Tripod tier per skill, further adding layers to player customization.

skill tripods overview lost ark wiki guide


Lost Ark's Island Strongholds

The Island Stronghold is a private housing mechanic that the player can unlock as they progress in the game. After completing a certain quest, players are granted their own Island which not only offers a customizable home space for players but a variety of practical features as well. The Stronghold is an instanced, customizable space that players can decorate with various furniture and structures.

island stronghold overview lost ark wiki guide

Aside from cosmetic features, the Stronghold also offers an array of facilities that provide practical features pertaining to Crafting, quality of life upgrades and even features that allow you to complete certain endgame content and acquire materials and resources in case you have no time to play. 

  • Lab - Used to acquire upgrades for all other facilities, as well as crafting recipes. Most features of the Island Stronghold will first need to be researched at the Lab before they can be unlocked.
  • Workshop - A crafting base that allows the player to Battle Items from resources gathered through Life Skills such as potions and bombs. The Workshop also allows for the creation of Food, Life Skill Tools, Stronghold furnishings and other miscellaneous items.
  • Station - Allows you to send a crew of sailors and pets to take on Naval Missions for you, rewarding you with resources such as Pirate Coins and special Seals for trading. There are also Special Missions your crew can undertake that send them to complete certain endgame content for you.
  • Manor - The largest building on the island provides players with a space to mount several support structures which provide passive bonuses such as reduced Stronghold crafting time, energy costs, etc. You can also equip Costumes acquired which also provide small passive bonuses to Stronghold activities.
  • Training Camp - The training camp allows players to passively train an alt character, earning experience and leveling them up automatically. There are certain caveats to this system detailed in its section below.

The majority of the Stronghold's features tie heavily into the game's Trade Skills that players can pick up, granting various means to obtain crafting and upgrade materials.


Lost Ark Trade Skills

Trade Skills are special non-combat abilities players can acquire that serve as a means to gather materials such as plants, ore and lumber which will go towards building and upgrading structures in your Stronghold as well as Crafting, among other applications. Trade Skills are the primary source of obtaining materials to create Battle Items and Building Materials for your Stronghold so it is well worth investing in them to some extent.

trade skill overview lost ark wiki guide

There are six Trade Skills that players can learn, each specializing in a type of material. Trade Skills can also be leveled up by continual use and each is leveled independently. Reaching certain level milestones in a Trade Skill will unlock abilities within its tree. Some of these abilities are passive while some are active, granting effects such as allowing you to gather more types of materials, gather more materials at once or modify the way you gather materials.

The six Trade Skills in Lost Ark are:

  • Mining - A Trade Skill used to mine ore and minerals, useful for Stronghold upgrades and gear
  • Foraging - Used to gather plants and mushrooms. Materials are primarily used in crafting Potions and Bombs.
  • Logging - A Trade Skill focused on cutting down trees and gathering wood. Materials are used to upgrade your Stronghold and Ships.
  • Fishing - A Trade Skill focused on gathering fish and other items from bodies of water. Materials are primarily used to make food.
  • Hunting - Used to gather materials from animals such as meat and leather which can be used in cooking and crafting gear.
  • Excavating - A Trade Skill focused on unearthing buried Relics and other treasure. Relics are used in the crafting of Tools and certain pieces of equipment.

After acquiring them, using Trade Skills requires two things: The appropriate Trade Skill Tool which is unique per Trade Skill — and Work Energy, a finite but slowly recharging resource that is depleted with every use of a Trade Skill. 

Classes and Character Creation in Lost Ark

When beginning the game, players are given a choice between 5 of the Base Classes: Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage and Assassin. This will determine their character archetypes and which of the 18 Advanced Classes they can choose later on. Each Base Class and their respective Advanced Classes have their own unique strengths and playstyle that differentiate them from the rest. Advanced Classes can be chosen when you progress further in the game and reach Level 10. Note that all classes are currently gender locked and will limit your ability to choose your gender during Character Creation.

character creation overview lost ark wiki guide

Lost Ark features a robust Character Creation system with dozens of options to customize your look. Choose from preset appearances and finetune them with precision settings to get the exact look you want. Lost Ark characters feature beautiful fantasy aesthetics prevalent in many Korean titles, with a truly massive amount of customization available just from the get go. As you progress further in the game, you will come across various cosmetic features to further change your appearance however you wish.


The World of Arkesia in Lost Ark

Lost Ark takes place in the high fantasy setting of Arkesia, a massive and mysterious world under attack by vicious demonic forces who are trying to find the titular Ark, a mystical and powerful artifact that keeps the universe in balance. Arkesia is a world made up of seven continents and hundreds of islands between its vast seas.

exploration preview lost ark wiki guide

On your journey, you will discover vast landscapes of forests, deserts, frozen tundras, tropical locales and the many large cities and settlements strewn in between. You'll have to quest, collect, fight and explore to rediscover the lost secrets of Arkasia and assemble the Ark, restore its power and defeat the demon army.

As your journey continues, you will eventually gain access to your own Ship which you can use to sail and explore the seas of Arkesia. Hire a crew of sailors to accompany you across the seven continents as you make your mark on the world.

sailing preview lost ark wiki guide


Lost Ark Tiered Endgame Content

After completing the 20-25 hour Main Quest and attaining Level 50, you will begin working towards the Endgame content. These include dungeons, raiding, global events, PVP, as well as daily and weekly missions. Chief among these are the Dungeons and Raids, the completion of which is the biggest contributor to your Endgame progression as they reward high-level equipment and other rewards. There are currently three tiers of Endgame content, with each subsequent Tier more difficult and gated by a rising minimum Gearscore requirement before you can tackle the challenges.


While dungeons are commonly encountered throughout the main story, there are two types tied to endgame progression and require level 50 to access: Abyss and Chaos Dungeons. These are a huge step up in difficulty from the standard dungeons and reward you with equipment that will get your gearscore up to take on higher tiers, as well as the Raid content.

dungeons preview lost ark wiki guide

Abyss Dungeons are linear instanced locations with an emphasis on Boss encounters with unique mechanics. These can only be taken on with a party and require a good amount of coordination, knowledge of boss mechanics and skill. Rewards are limited and each dungeon can only be completed once per week with a maximum of three attempts per dungeon.

Chaos Dungeons are the toughest of the dungeons in Lost Ark and can be completed solo or in a team. Chaos Dungeons task players with defeating hordes of enemies to fill a progress bar within a time limit. Doing so will open a portal to a new zone where the process repeats, possibly adding bosses or minibosses into the mix as well as destroying rift core crystals. This structure repeats until the dungeon is completed. Players are limited to two Chaos Dungeon runs per day but these are by far the fastest way to get your gearscore up to take on other endgame content.


Raids in Lost Ark are instances that pit you against some of the toughest enemies and bosses with complex mechanics. These typically require high minimum gearscore and are meant to be tackled as a team. There are two types of Raids: Guardian Raids and Legion Raids.

raids preview lost ark wiki guide

Guardian Raids consist of challenging encounters against a single Guardian Boss creature. Each Raid has a unique Guardian to defeat, with varying abilities and mechanics, as well as various restrictions and rewards. Players are limited to obtaining rewards from Guardians twice per day but they can retry encounters as many times as they wish.

Legion Raids are full-fledged large raid instances built for 8 players with anywhere from 3-6 encounters. These encounters feature multiple phases and will have players adapting to various circumstances and perilous situations, location changes mid-fight and other complex mechanics. Players are limited to three Legion Raids per character per week.


Constant Stream of New Activities and Content in Lost Ark

Lost Ark and Arkesia are living worlds made to be built upon with new updates every few months. This includes entire new content tiers, new playable classes that offer a new combat experience, new quests with new storylines, new continents to explore along with new dungeons, raids and other activities, as well as seasonal and limited-time events that the devs are constantly working on. The Cash Shop is also constantly updated with new purchases both cosmetic and practical, including skins, pets, equipment packs and other items that add convenience to your experience. 

While the Korean and Russian versions of the game have a had huge headstart compared to the NA/EU release, this version is sure to catch up as time passes. The game is continuously growing and there’s something for everyone in the immense world of Lost Ark. The possibilities are as vast and diverse as the lands you'll travel in Arkesia.




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