Warrior is one of the 5 Main Classes in Lost Ark. Warriors are tank-oriented characters with a great amount of defense that can perform slow but powerful heavy Melee Attacks. After reaching level 10, you can choose between 3 Warrior Advanced Classes, so that we can focus our character on a more defensive, offensive or balanced play style. 


 Warriors are the powerhouses of Arkesia. They may not be the most nimble, so they stand their ground and make up for mobility with cataclysmic impact.


Lost Ark Warrior Information

  • The Warrior Class is the strongest class when it comes to pure and direct melee combat. 
  • The Warrior is focused on Strength stat, which is the main damage attribute for Warrior Weapons. 
  • The different Advanced Classes of the Warrior allow players to focus on Offensive, Defensive or Balanced characters


  • Warriors wiled melee weapons with impressive effectiveness thanks to superior strength and power.


Lost Ark Warrior Advanced Classes

There is no “best” Lost Ark Warrior Advanced Class, it will depend on which one best suits your playstyle:

  1. Berserker: Is the most offensive specialization of the Warrior. Berserkers wield powerful greatswords and deals a great amount of damage, with an outstanding capability to wipe out large groups of Enemies.
  2. Paladin: Is the most supportive Warrior Advanced Class. The Paladins brandish a blessed sword and can provide healing and buffing to our party members. 
  3. Gunlancer: It is the most defensive option of the Warriors. Gunlancers use shields and gunlances for bombardment. Those who enjoy dealing Enemies and taking lots of damage while their allies take out foes, this is the best option for them.


Lost Ark Classes Video Guide


Lost Ark Warrior Advanced Classes

After reaching level 10, players can evolve their Warrior character to one of the 3 Advanced Classes available in Lost Ark. Even though all Warrior Advanced Classes equip a melee weapon, each advanced class equips a different type of melee weapon and also features a unique set of abilities that can even be upgraded during gameplay.



berserker class icon lost ark wiki guide 100

The Berserker is the most offensive Warrior. Berserkers wield powerful GreatSwords, and they can go into fury mode to crush all Enemies around them.

paladin class icon lost ark wiki guide 100

The Paladin is the balanced Warrior evolution. They use the power of Gods to either inflict holy damage to enemies with their Swords or to support party members by healing them and grating holy buffs. 

gunlancer class icon lost ark wiki guide 100

The Gunlancer is the most tank-oriented Warrior's specialization. Gunlancers are those who stand in front the enemy and can absorb a lot of damage to protect the rest of the party members. They can also inflict a great amount of damage, but they are more focused on being a team's first line of defense.


Lost Ark Warrior Background Lore:

(Taken from Warrior Prologue Story - Russian Version )


"The supreme god Sirius endowed your ancestors with more than strength, welp. Taming the Fetranian flame, he forged a sword in it - and bestowed it to Asgmar, the illustrious warrior and the greatest leader of your people. For many years the sword decimated the enemies of the north, until one day Udmar the Fiernce sent it against the Yordi, a small northern tribe of reindeer herders.

Thus began the Bloody Decade. We all know how it ended - the Udmar clan was completely exterminated, and the sword was destroyed: the hilt split, and the blade was melted into an ingot to protect those thirsty for power from temptation. The priests wanted to hide the relics in the temple, but the council of leaders decided to hand it over to the Gray Wolves (Gray Moons), the watch whose brothers bequeathed their lives to Shushire. They protect our land to this day.

Everyone heard the will of Sirius, and I cannot go against his word. Travel to the Gray Wolves Camp, claim the relics, re-forge your ancestral sword and fulfil your destiny."

- Shushire High Priest Sian

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