The Mage is one of the 5 Main Classes in Lost Ark. Mages are ranged spellcasters that excel in raining devastation from afar or supporting allies with powerful healing and buffs. After reaching level 10, we can choose between 2 Mage Advanced Classes, so that we can focus our character on a more supportive team player role or a glass cannon with highly offensive play style. 


These mystical conjurers tap into the ancient magic of Arkesia to cast deadly spells on evil forces, heal the wounded, or support allies.


Lost Ark Mage Information

  • The Mage is a highly versatile albeit fragile class.
  • The Mage is focused on Intelligence stat, which is the main damage attribute for Mage Weapons. 
  • The different Advanced Classes of the Mage allow players to focus on Offensive or Supportive roles.


  • Mages cast various spells to inflict damage on foes or support allies.


Lost Ark Mage Advanced Classes

There is no “best” Lost Ark Mage Advanced Class, it will depend on which one best suits your playstyle:

  1. Bard: Is a supportive specialization of the Mage. The Bard offers a lot of support capabilities to the player, as well as their teammates. The bard can provide powerful shields, buffs and heal the wounded.
  2. Sorceress: Is an offensive Mage Advanced Class. Sorceresss call on powerful elementals and conjure the power of the elements to obliterate foes. 


Lost Ark Classes Video Guide




Lost Ark Mage Advanced Classes

After reaching level 10, players can evolve their Mage character to one of the 2 Advanced Classes available in Lost Ark. Each subclass also features a unique set of abilities that can be upgraded during gameplay.



bard class icon lost ark wiki guide 100

The Bard is an excellent support class that wields a Harp and brings a lot of value to a team by providing powerful shields, buffs and healing the wounded.

summoner class icon lost ark wiki guide 100Sorceress

The Sorceress uses Staves to conjure the elements and call upon the power of elementals as well as all manner of magical creatures to aid them in obliterating their foes. 



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