The Private Island in Lost Ark, is an Safe Zone Island that your character will own once you unlock it, and you can name your Island as you want. The Private Island gathers a lot of game features that cannot be seen or done in any other way in the game. These features may not be vital for the completion of the game, but you will be able to obtain a lot of items and Equipment that may not be obtainable in any other way. Housing and Furnishing become available at the moment you unlock the Private Island. 


Lost Ark: Unlock Private Island

In order to unlcok the Private Island, you must complete all Main Quests in Bern and then look for a Guide Quest that is giiven in front of the Castle. This Guide Quest will introduce you to your Private Island and it will automatically grant you access to it. You can access to your Island by pressing F2 to play a song and teleport there as the Guide Quest explains.

Lost Ark: Island Level & Experience

By completing tasks in your Island, you will gain rewards such as Equipment and Items, but you will also gain Experience for your Island. Leveling up your Island by gaining Island Experience, will increase the quality of your Island by increasing the amount of unlocked slots for passive effects, or the capacity to do more tasks at the same time. You will also unlock more features and you will be able to update certain areas or buildings.

Lost Ark: Private Island User Interface

Once you unlocked and gain access to your Private Island, a small Icon of a house will appear on your interface at the top of your screen showing the status of your each process taking place at your Island. You can always check this information even when you are not in the Island. The UI has 4 tabs for: Research, Crafting, Expeditions and Trading.


You can also check the blue bar below in your Private Island UI. This bar represents productivity in your Island, determined by the crew that is available to complete your tasks, and can be increased by building new structures, updating the buildings and by increasing your affinity with NPCs. Some consumable items will also increase the productivity in your Island.



Lost Ark Private Island Features & Buildings

The Private Islands has many buildings with different features each. These buildings can be updated and you can also unlock more buildings as you update your island, increasing the Island Level displayed on the top left corner of your screen while you are on the Island.

The following features are included after you unlock your Private Island. Note that these features will appear on your screen at the bottom center of the screen.

Lost Ark: Housing

Housing may be one of the most fun features of the Private Island. You can enter in building mode by clicking on the building icon or by pressing Ctrl+2. In building mode you will no longer have control of your character and you will be able to control your camera, the UI will change completely and you will be able to make some changes to your Island, decorate it and add your own style to it. When you quit building mode, you will regain control of your character.

You can unlock building structures by completing achievements or by maxing out NPCs. You can also use your Workstation to produce structures to later build them. Every time you 'delete' an structure, it goes back to your inventory and you will be able to place it again later.

Lost Ark: Private Island Mansion

You can update your Mansion with furniture or structures, once you place some structures on your Island, you can then access to the mansion UI. You can assign structures or furniture to the mansion to gain passive buffs. The mansion has 6 slots to assign furniture or structures, 3 for each rarity.

From the Mansion UI you can upgrade some areas in the Island but you'll have to meet the requirements to do so.


Lost Ark: Expeditions

Expeditions are very different from other features in the game mechanics, it's more about crew management and investments. Once you gain access to your Private Island, you will also have access to Expeditions. You can send a group of Sailors to an Expedition, it's convinient to choose qualified personnel according to the risks and difficulties that an Expedition could meet.

Once the expedition is launched, you will only have to wait until the expeditions has ended, you can always check the status of your expedition by clicking on the house icon at the top of the screen. Expeditions have a cost, they take real time, and they may present problems or even fail, but when an expedition succeeds, the crew will return with some rewards for you.

The more Ships you have unlocked, the better the expeditions will go, and you will also be able to send different group of sailors into many expeditions simultaneusly. You may have to repair your ships after each Expedition. Depending on the Expedition type, it will be convinient to choose the proper type of ship and the proper sailors to an Expedition if you want to increase the chances of success.

If the Expedition fails you won't get any rewards.

Lost Ark: Crafting

Crafting is said to be the most important feature of the Private Island. It is advised to Research all the requirements to update the Crafting Station, and Research also unlocks additional items. By leveling up your crafting station you will be able to craft items and equipment of much higher rarity. Materials can be obtained from all the Islands and Lands by using Life Skills, it is advise that you unlock every Life Skill in the game to be able to gather all type of materials. You can also manufacture those materials into more useful components that are later needed to craft more powerful items and more rare equipment. The amount of obtained Items is determined by chance, so you can 'hit a critical' chance and luckily obtain a bigger amount of the desired crafted item.

The Crafting Process has a cost, requires materials and takes real time. It is also affected by the Island Productivity. You can check the status of your research while roaming around Arkesia, by clicking on the House icon at the top of the screen and then selecting the Crafting tab.

You can queue multiple items to the Crafting Station on each tab, but you can Craft multiple items at once if you craft a different item on each tab. You are also able to cancel queued items, and you will be refunded everything you invested into crafting the desired product.


Lost Ark: Trader

A Merchant which is unlocked after completing the Private Island Quest Guide. You can find them in some place in your Island, the Merchant rotates every 24 hours, so make sure to check on them at least once a day to make sure you don't miss the possibility to buy something of your desire. It is handy to have a Merchant on your Island in case you need certain Item for an Expedition, to increase Productivity, or to insert in the Crafting Station. You can quickly buy it from the Merchant instead of having to leave the Island, find a Merchant or collect the item somewhere and then come back to the Island. This is, of course, if the Merchant in your Island happens to have the item you need.

Lost Ark: Research

Research is an alternative way to unlock structures and furniture to enhance the island productivity, and you can also unlcok items or materials expanding the possibilities to craft better items at the Crafting Station. Researching can also help increase the level of other buildings in the Island. From the research facility you will be able to run multiple research simultaneusly. Of course Research has a cost, and it takes real time to finish. Research is also affected by the Island productivity.


Lost Ark: NPC Customization

You can customize the appearance of the NPCs' in your Island, with any available skins. You can also buy new skins from this menu too. You can get more NPCs by maxing out the affinity with those NPCs while completing Quest around Arkesia.





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