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Main Class Mage
Dmg Scaling Intelligence

The Bard is a Mage Advanced Class in Lost Ark. Bards are a ranged support evolution of the Mage Class. They are ranged spellcasters that wield Harps and magical songs that provide allies with powerful healing and buffs. While they may not offer the best damage capabilities, Bards are a great addition to any team with their support-focused playstyle. 


Virtuosos of the Liane harp, bards can evoke soothing serenades to heal their team—or unleash a chorus of pain on their unfortunate foes. Their attack power is rather low, but their ability to support allies makes them a harmonious part of any team.


Lost Ark Bard Information

Bards are the first support class in Lost Ark, followed by Paladins. They wield a harp to execute a variety of ranged damage and support skills like heals, buffs and shields.

  • The Bard is an evolution of the Mage Class
  • Bards' attack damage scales with Intelligence
  • Bards are the second main support class in Lost Ark after Paladins. Between the two, Bards utilize defensive skills and are more focused at helping allies survive difficult encounters. They're able to fulfill this role with the help of their Harp, which lets them cast buffs and heals.
  • Bards aren't limited to supporting the party. In fact, they can also deal decent sustained damage from time to time. Like Paladins, it's highly vital for the player to have enough game knowledge and environmental awareness to be able to master this Advanced Class. It's especially critical to identify the right time to use support skills, which can mean life or death for the party.
  • In PvP, you'll be able to dominate as a support character because of your ability to provide buffs, heals, shields and crowd control immunity in addition to reducing the damage you and your allies receive. Since your damage isn't that high, it's better to aid the party. On top of these, Bards have sufficient super armors, making it difficult to stagger you even if your mobility isn't that stellar.
  • The Bard is the best class to play if you enjoy supporting and assisting your teammates.


Lost Ark Bard Equipment


Lost Ark Bard Builds

Below you can find a list of Builds for the Bard Class:


Bard Video Guide




Lost Ark Bard Skills

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Sound Shock

Allows you to pull the strings of the harp to fire an orb of light that explodes on impact, inflicting  334 Damage to the target and nearby foes

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Causes a clash of musical notes at the target location, inflicting  56 Damage every  0.5s for  5s and reducing Move Speed by  60% for  1s

sound wave skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Sound Wave

Allows you to summon a beautiful melody to inflict  70 Damage and push foes away

stigma bard skill lost ark wiki guide 65px

Allows you to cast a Stigma at the target location. The Stigma lasts for  4s. attacking foes for  175 Damage every  0.7s. Max of 5 times. Stigma's Damage  +12.5% the faster it pulses

conviction core skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Conviction Core

Allows you to summon 3 Cores to protect yourself for  10s. The Cores explode when there is a foe within  4 meters, inflicting  220 Damage

rhapsody of light skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Rhapsody of Light

Allows you to summon beautiful sound waves at the target location, inflicting  395 [Holy] Damage every  1.5s 3 times. Challenging will be canceled if you move

wind of music skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Wind of Music

Allows you to call forth a fierce wind that inflicts  130 Damage. Pushing foes. It will then spread wide to inflict  196 Damage on foes in an additional 1 meter radius

sonic vibration skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Sonic Vibration

Allows you to lift foes at the target location, inflicting  336 Damage, and then slam them back onto the ground, inflicting  842 Damage. This skill's melody lingers for  3s. inflicting  126 Damage  4 times

rhythm buckshot skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Rhythm Buckshot

Allows you to pull the string of the harp to blow up the musical note, inflicting  557 Damage and knocking foes away

soundholic skills lostark wiki guide 64px

Allows you to shoot a blinding ray of light for  3s. attacking foes  10 times to inflict  83 Damage every  0.3s. You can change the direction of the light ray, but the channeling will be canceled if you move

prelude of storm skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Prelude of Storm

Allows you to play a powerful tune to call forth a storm that inflicts  474 Damage and stuns foes for 3s.

heavenly tune skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Heavenly Tune

Allows you to inflict  415 Damage on nearby foes. Atk. Speed for all party members within a 24 meter radius  +3.5% and MP Recovery Speed  +12% for 8s

note bundle skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Note Bundle

Allows you to cast a group of musical notes that travels at a low speed while continuously inflicting  86 Damage and Move Speed  -40% for s. The musical notes can hit the same foe up to  84 times.

prelude of death skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Prelude of Death

Plays the Prelude of Death to attack nearby foes. inflicting  316 Damage 2 times, inflicting Death's End on them, a debuff that expires after  3s. causing  210 additional Damage. For each stack of Death's End. Move Speed  -20% up to  40% and Damage upon expiration  +50%

harp of rhythm skills lostark wiki guide 64px
Harp of Rhythm

Allows you to summon a harp that has a will of its own. The harp shoots a guided musical note that inflicts  202 Damage to foes within a  14 meter radius

march skills lostark wiki guide 64px

Plays the harp, summoning musical notes every  1s. They follow the closest foe, inflicting  100 Damage. Move Speed  -50% for  2s

Bard Awakening Skills

oratorio bard awakening skills lost ark 64px

Play the giant harp and sing with angels, inflicting up to 666.1 [Holy] Damage.
Explosion causes 111 [Holy] Damage and foe Crit Resistance -12.0% against attacks from all party members for 6s.

symphonia bard awakening skills lost ark 64px

Rise into the air and play in an ensemble with angels, granting a shield for every ally within 12 meters, which absorbs Damage equal to 100% of your Max HP for 10s. Inflict 111 Damage to foes. Foe Atk. Power -30%, foe Atk. Speed -20%, and foe Move Speed -40% for 10s. Gain 1 Bubble.


Lost Ark Bard Engravings

true courage engravings lost ark wiki guide 64x
True Courage

  • Lv. 1: Serenade of Courage makes outgoing Damage +10% and Crit Rate +10%.
  • Lv. 2: Serenade of Courage makes outgoing Damage +15% and Crit Rate +10%.
  • Lv. 3: Serenade of Courage makes outgoing Damage +20% and Crit Rate +10%.


desperate salvation lost ark wiki guide 64x
Desperate Salvation

  • Lv. 1: When the recovery effect ends, an additional recovery effect is activated, recovering 8% of your Max HP.
  • Lv. 2: When the recovery effect ends, an additional recovery effect is activated, recovering 16% of your Max HP.
  • Lv. 3: When the recovery effect ends, an additional recovery effect is activated, recovering 24% of your Max HP.


Bard Notes & Tips

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