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Guardian Raid Level 1
Minimum iLvl 340
Reward Tier Tier 1
Element Light
Weakness Darkness
Recommended Battle Items HP Potion
Pheromone Bomb
Recommended Skill Affixes Counter
Back Attack

Lumerus is a Guardian in Lost Ark. Guardians such as Lumerus are the objectives of Guardian Raids which are a type of high-level endgame activity consisting of unique encounters against a single Boss opponent. Guardian Raids are divided into several Raid Levels and are an important part of progression, rewarding players with many items such as Accessories, Ability StonesUpgrade Materials and more. 

Lumerus Guardian Raid Guide: This page covers Guardian Characteristics, Mechanics, Attack Patterns, Skill & Item Recommendations, as well as Tips & Tricks to help you defeat Lumerus in Lost Ark.




Lumerus General Information

Lumerus is the second Guardian encounter of Guardian Raid Level 1, requiring a Minimum Item Level of 340 in order to participate in the raid. Lumerus drops Tier 1 Accessories, Ability Stones and Upgrade Materials upon defeat. Rare drops also include Engraving Books, Runes and Cards. For a full list of  possible loot, see the Loot Drop section below.

Lumerus is a majestic, white feline creature that's somewhat of a cross between a lion and a tiger. Its beautiful white mane glistens in the light, juxtaposed by dark stripes along its body and limbs. Lumerus employs large conal attacks, as well as massive radial abilities that deal immense damage and knock players away. Lumerus will also use attacks that deal damage in multiple bursts, with smaller but more numerous effect zones. This Guardian Raid serves as an introduction to large AoE effects with very small safe zones to train players to quickly and effectively avoid such attacks. Lumerus is also the first Guardian that gains new attacks or modifies existing ones after its HP dips below a certain threshold.



Lumerus Guardian Raid Preparation & Recommendations

Skills & Equipment

Players can improve their chance of a successful raid on Lumerus by prepping with the following setups:

  • Counter Skills - Like many Guardians, Lumerus has a Charged Dash attack that can be countered with the proper timing, allowing for a small window of opportunity to deal damage without fear of retaliation. Every class has at least one Skill with the Counter modifier and it is worth bringing along one of these to the raid.
  • Back Attack Skills - Many of Lumerus' attacks hit in a frontal cone as well as about 300 degrees around the monster, leaving its backside as the safest zone to engage it in most circumstances. Players should take advantage of this and equip Skills with the Back Attack modifier which not only deal more damage, but also have an increased chance to critically hit.


Battle Items

The following Battle Items are recommended for taking on Lumerus:

  • HP Potion - Standard healing Battle Item for when you get caught in a bind.
  • Pheromone Bomb - Lumerus will sometimes use an Escape mechanic and unlike Ur'nil who has a hard counter via the Stagger effect, there are no effective countermeasures to prevent Lumerus from teleporting across the battlefield, except for the Pheromone Bomb. Utilizing this Battle Item right when the Guardian attempts to escape will pull him back to his original location, saving you the time and trouble of looking for him.
  • Flare - An essential pick for Guardian Raids, the Flare will briefly reveal the location of a Guardian on the mini-map, saving you the time and trouble of scouring the map to look for it. Flares are also effective in locating a Guardian after they use their Escape mechanic.



Lumerus Notable Mechanics

HP Threshold

Lumerus will have a few attacks modified once his HP dips below 30%, specifically his Glowing Claw Combo and Shockwave attacks. Lumerus is a very basic example of an HP Threshold mechanic. More advanced Guardian Raids will include similar mechanics that not only modify Guardian attacks, but can split the fight into entirely different phases.



Lumerus will sometimes attempt to escape and teleport to a random location on the map, forcing players to track him down once more and re-engage. When escaping, Lumerus roars and is surrounded by pillars of bright white light as well as swirling winds. Toss a Pheromone Bomb at the Guardian to prevent the escape attempt. Unlike Ur'nil, there are no other hard counters to its escape mechanic. When all else fails, use a Flare immediately after the guardian escapes to quickly relocate him on the mini-map.


Lumerus Attack Patterns

Like Ur'nil, Lumerus has simple attack patterns that are easy to recognize. However, his attacks have significantly more range both in terms of length and width. Ranged players beware as the Guardian's attacks are often wider the further out they are from him.

Claw Swipe - Lumerus lifts his right paw up and swiftly slashes in a horizontal arc in front of him. This attack is well-telegraphed but comes out very quickly. Perform a dodge to his side as soon as you see his right arm go up to avoid the attack.

Frost Breath - Lumerus glows a bright white briefly and then unleashes a powerful icy breath attack in a very wide cone in front of him. Due to the conal shape, the attack becomes much wider the further out it is from the Guardian. Anywhere from the side of its head, down to its backside are safe areas to stand in during this move.

Leaping Shockwave - Lumerus glows white and then leaps forward a short distance, unleashing a very wide conal shockwave in front of him upon landing. This attack deals moderate to heavy damage and knocks players upwards on a direct hit. Similar to the Frost Breath, move to his side as soon as you see the white glow.

Dash / Charged Dash - Lumerus scratches the ground with one paw and then makes a bee-line towards his target. Simply move away from the path to avoid the attack. Watch out as Lumerus likes to combo into this move from a Back Hop.

  • If Lumerus glows blue, he is about to perform a Charged Dash which is stronger than the standard dash and will knock players upward. This blue glow signifies a move can be countered with the appropriate Skill. Use a skill with the Counter modifier to stop the Guardian's charge and briefly stun it, giving your team a good window to deal damage.

Geyser Barrage - Lumerus stands on its hind legs slightly and slams both arms into the ground. He then breathes into the ground, sending multiple Geysers bursting all over the immediate area. There is a short delay between the time a Geyser appears and the time it bursts, allowing you a brief moment to find a safe zone. This attack has a very long animation which leaves Lumerus vulnerable to attack. Make sure not to miss this window but watch your step!

Shockwave - Lumerus wiggles his head briefly and then releases a barrage of 3 shockwaves in rapid succession, each one with a larger radius than the last. The attack has a very large, near 360-degree hitbox, with the only safe zone being a tiny sliver of space directly behind the Guardian. Getting caught in the third shockwave deals very heavy damage and will knock you upwards.

  • Enhanced Shockwave - If Lumerus is below 30% HP, he will instead leap upwards and begin a charging up as he lands, glowing a very bright white. Once his charge is complete, he unleashes a massive shockwave with significantly increased radius, dealing immense damage and possibly one-hitting players. The safe zone is again directly behind the Guardian.

Glowing Claw Combo - Lumerus performs two back-handed claw strikes, each leaving a glowing effect in its wake. He immediately follows up with a double claw slam which releases a shockwave with a large radius in a 180-degree arc in front of him. This attack has moderate tracking, meaning Lumerus will always try to aim each step of the attack towards a target so stay on the move.

  • Enhanced Glowing Claw Combo - If Lumerus is below 30% HP, the final slam will release several Geysers in random locations in the immediate area. Stay on the move and watch your step.


Lumerus Loot Drops



Lumerus Notes & Tips

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