Summoner is a Mage Advanced Class in Lost Ark. Summoner characters use Staves to conjure the elements and call upon the power of elementals as well as all manner of magical creatures to aid them in obliterating their foes. 


Despite their delicate constitution, summoners are a force to be reckoned with in any fight. They call forth spirits of the elements to fight for them, and each elemental has their own special skills to help the summoner shine in every situation.


Lost Ark Summoner Information

Summoners wield a staff to summon multiple pets with different functionalities, making them highly flexible. For instance, you can make them charge at an enemy on your behalf. 


Lost Ark Summoner Skills


Lost Ark Summoner Equipment

  • Summoners wield a Staff
  • ??


Summoner Video Guide



Summoner Skills


ancient spear summoner skill lost ark wiki guide 65px
Ancient Spear

Concentrate energy and call down a great ancient spear at the cursor position. The spear inflicts damage to foes at the center of impact and in the outer radius, and causes them to be paralyzed.

water elemental summoner skill lost ark wiki guide 65px
Water Elemental

Summon a water elemental that attacks foes with water damage for 2s.

bagrons wrath summoner skill lost ark wiki guide 65px
Bagron's Wrath

Summon quicksand that reduces the move speed of foes within range. After some time, Bagron jumps out of the sand, dealing earth damage to foes at the center of the quicksand and launching them in the air. Bagron then bites foes in the air, dealing earth damage and slamming them down onto the ground. Foes at the periphery of the quicksand take additional earth damage when Bagron appears from and disappears into the ground.

pauru summoner skill lost ark wiki guide 65px

Hurl a ball of fire at the cursor position to deal fire damage and summon the fire elemental Pauru. Pauru attacks nearby foes for 15s, inflicting fire damage with its basic attack. Pauru can also be commanded to let out a fiery breath or self-destruct in an explosion that sends surrounding foes flying.

electricity release summoner skill lost ark wiki guide 65px
Electricity Release

Cast a condensed ball of electrical current that inflicts lightning damage before creating an electric field that attacks foes within range with lightning damage for 1s.


Summoner Notes & Tips

  • Summoners use the Staff to summon pets that they can control. They don't have good mobility and because of this, they attack with the help of their pets and cast spells from a distance.
  • Summoners are considered as one of the beginner-friendly classes because they're pretty straightforward to play and their skills are easy to learn. Note, however, that some damage dealing abilities require longer to cast and their minions may be tough to command sometimes.
  • In PvP, you have a huge damage potential because of your AoE skills. Although you're able to easily hit multiple enemies at once, your mobility and super armors continue to be low so you're susceptible to being staggered. You should also take advantage of summoning pets, which can help you dominate the arena by dealing extra damage, as well as generating self-shields to protect yourself from crowd control.
  • If you wish to play one of the best beginner classes in Lost Ark because of the damage they deal with their spells and pets, then the Summoner is for you.

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