Tripods are used to upgrade Skills in Lost Ark. In order to obtain them, players must reach a certain level with their character. Each Skill has three different tiers of upgrades available. There are three upgrades at tier I and II, and two upgrades at tier III. Note that players can only select one upgrade in each tier, making this an important selection, allowing to create and explore different Builds or playstyles.

Most Tripods, just as Skills, can also be leveled up. Players get 282 total skill points, once they reach 55, which is the level cap in Lost Ark. Note that Skill points are character locked, this means that if you have another character created in the same account, you will have to earn all 282 skill points again.

Players can also earn skill points when using a Skill Potion, a Legendary and untradeable item that can be obtained by completing certain Quests or objectives.

Tripod Skill System

The Tripod Skill system in Lost Ark allows players to upgrade or enhance their base Skills. This grants players a lot of choice and adds an endless amount of versatility in order to create your own custom build, assuring that each player can adjust their build to match their gameplay style. Players have to level up a Skill, using 

The tripod is divided into three different tiers, and each of them is unlocked the more you level up a Skill:

  • Tier I: Players need to level up a Skill 4 times in order to unlock it. There are three different blue-colored effects available.
  • Tier II: Players need to level up a Skill 7 times in order to unlock it. There are three different green-colored effects available.
  • Tier III: Players need to reach level 10 with a Skill in order to unlock it. There are two gold-colored effects at their disposal. 

It is important to note that players can only select 1, and only 1 Tripod per Tier level. This means that among the 8 possible upgrade selections per Skill, players can max out at three.

PvP vs PvE?

You can see that most Tripods have two different descriptions. One for PVE and one for PVP. Most of the time, they remain the same, among both styles of play. Crowd Control (CC) abilities or Damage over time (DoT), are generally less effective in their PVP version, by paralyzing or stunning foes for less time or doing less damage over time than their PVE counterparts.

It is important to select the correct tripods before venturing to an activity. Some Builds may be effective to bring along a Raid, but useless for a PVP combat. Players can create presets with their prefered Builds to engage on different activities.


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Paladin Tripod System overview



All Tripods in Lost Ark


Tripods Table
Warrior Tripods
Mage Tripods
Assassin Tripods
Martial Artist Tripods
Gunner Tripods



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Enhanced Strike

Increases Outgoing Damage

Shoulder Strike

Move +2 meters forward, shoulder bashing foes, inflicting 10.0% basic skill Damage.

Swift Fingers

Attack charge up time +0.3s.

Ranged Attack

Slashing distance +40.0%


Adds a downward attack, inflicting 60.0% basic skill Damage.

Forward Slash

Advance 1m with each slash, and move and use different skills immediately after the attack.


Changes to Holding mode, enabling you to turn while atatcking and attack up to 8 times. Outgoing Damage +300.0% Cooldown +8.0s.


Creates afterimages of your sword in the air, inflicting +60.0% Damage.

Nimble Movement

Atk. Speed +10.0%

Piercing Strike

On hit, ignore foe Defense by 30.0%.

Slash Enhancement

AoE Radius +10.0%. Paralyze duration +0.3s.


Fury gain +100.0%.

Weak Point Enhancement

Adds Weak Point Lvl. 1 to the skill.

Internal Bleeding

Bleed a single foe for 5.0s, inflicting 28 Damage every 1s.


Swing your sword with more force, improving your cutting power. The skill hits 1 more time, attacking a total of 4 times. Outgoing Damage +40.0%


Changes to combo mode. The 1st attack becomes a downward strike that inflicts 80.0%. Enter a combo to swing your sword again, this time in an upward motion, inflicting 100.0% Damage.

Muscle Spam

The downward strike knocks down foes for +0.5s.

Keen Strike

Increases Crit Rate

Weak Point Detection

Increases damage to Push-Immune foes

Burst Enhancement

Increases damage during burst mode.

Flame Rush

The last downward strike's element is now [Fire], Attack 4 consecutive times in the air, inflicting +50.0% Damage.
Rank 2: The last downward strike's element is now [Fire]. Attacks 4 consecutive times in the air, inflicting +57.5% Damage.

Red Lightning

Spin as you rise, attacking and launching foes at a 360 angle. Then pounce on them as you fall. Total Damage +75.0%.
Rank 2: Spin as you rise, attacking and launching foes at a 360 angle. Then pounce on them as you fall. Total Damage +83.8%.


On Skill use, grants Push-Immunity

Bleed Effect

 On hit, Bleed foes for 5.0s, inflicting Damage every 1s.

Furnishing Blow

Extends preparatory stance to increase damage.


Attacks shoot an upward shockwave, inflicting 20.0% basic skill Damage twice. Pushed foes take +40.0% Damage from this shockwave attack.

Kill Confirm

Changes to combo mode. Increases the damage of the 2nd attack.  Increases Cooldown.


Creates a shield for 5 seconds that absorbs a percentage of Max HP for 5.0s. PVP version reduces the amount of damage absorbed.

Burning Rage

Surrounds you by flames, inflicting Fire damage to nearby foes for 5 seconds.

Excellent Mobility

Increases skill distance.

Chain Charge


Down Strike


Flash and Slash


Earthquake Effect


Fury Explosion


Quick Pace


Sustain Enhancement


Quick Prep


Forward Slash


Great Wheel


Cracked Blade


Vacuum Slash




Mind Enhancement


Ranged Hit


Defenseless Target


Power Accumulation




Vital Point Hit


Driving Hit


Storm Slash




Swift Attack Prep


Numbling Effect


Earthquake Shock


Earth Impact




Swift Move


Swordswipe Draft


Power Slash


Sword Fragment


Training Results








Lava Jet


Deadly Blow


Earth Flip


Bloody Eruption




Sword Wound








Flame Spin






Fast Wave




Limit Break




Blaze Wave


Blood Slash


Red Wave


Amplified Damage


Rear Blast


Flame Storm


Earthquake Wave


Flexible Swordcraft


Gravitational Blow


Jungle's Law


Strength Release


Chain Attack


Sword Trace


Precise Strike


Flash Enhancement


Changed Swordcraft


Shining Protection


Ambush Attack


Law of the Jungle


Continuous Movement


Wide Hit




Impaired Mobility


Light's Vestige


Splendid Sphere


Powerful Shock


Magick Control


Righteous Light




Way of Light


Summon Holy Sword


Lightning Blade


Explosive Sword


Dazzling Light Sword


Great Light Sword


Sturdy Armor


Growth Attack


Swift Swordcraft


Skilled Wisdom


Enhanced Decree


Wide-Angle Attack


Brilliant Law






Light's Guardian




Divine Punishment


Piercing Sword


Double Smite


Leap Attack




Wide Thunderstroke




Express Fury


Naively Honest


Divine Mark


Endless Grace


Light's Concentration


Powerful Blow


Lightning Slash


Ruthless Sprint


Finishing Strike




Challenger's Will


Breath Control


Broad Slash


Executioner's Strike




Maintained Effect


Robust Protection


Thunderous Protection


Vow of Light




Rune Prison


Forward Attack


Perfect Strike


Light Explosion


Wide Explosion


Explosion Enhancement


Prepared Explosion


Explosion Aftermath






Outburst of Light


Condensed Energy


Release Light






Giant Wheel




Defenseless Target


Unexpected Twist




Spear Hit Enhancement




Surprise Attack


Flame Spear




Earth Fragment


Chain Explosion


Lucky Chance


Incendiary Bullet


Attack Creation


One-shot Barrage


Ready Attack


Extra Shell


Armor Destruction


Ready Defense


Shield Enhancement


Additional Hit


Blind Shock


Shock Bash


Bell Strike




Direct Hit


Great Earthquake


Electric Field


Low Shock




Undying Heat


Damage Luck


Tough Strike


Lightning Stalk




Sharp Chain






Unending Attack


Destruction Charger


Charge Enhancement


Lightning Charge


Last Charge




Open Weakness






2nd Turbulence




Bombardment Spear


Lightning Strike Spear




Shout of Purification






Exploding Spear


Close Explosion














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