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Trixion is a Location in Lost Ark. Every Location in Arkesia has NPCs, Merchants, Quests and most importantly, Loot. Different types of Enemies, Bosses and Events can be found at most Locations in Lost Ark. 


Welcome to the edge of the world... Trixion.


Lost Ark: Trixion Information

Trixion is a small location that players get to know at the very beginning of the game. It looks like an somewhat ethereal place in space. And it serves as a tutorial to most basic mechanics of the game, such as simple movement and you can test your abilities here.

An angelical being called Beatrice will ask you to Open the Tome of Prophecy. This is where you can choose an Advanced Class for your character and test them before you make your final choice.


Lost Ark: Trixion Related Quests

The following Quests are related to or can be obtained in Trixion


Lost Ark: How to Access Trixion

Trixion is located at 'The Edge of the World' and can be accessed by:

  • Teleporting: Trixion is at a somewhat ethereal dimension and cannot be accessed by walking or sailing from any place in Arkesia. The only way to access Trixion is by teleporting.
    PS: Around Lv. 30 you earn Song of Trixion (F2 menu) - use it to teleport there!


Lost Ark: Trixion Bosses

The following Bosses can be found at Trixion, some Bosses may require you to do certain task to be summoned:

  • N/A


Lost Ark: Trixion NPCs & Merchants

The following NPCs & Merchants can be found in Trixion:


Lost Ark: Trixion Map


Map of Trixion



Trixion Notes & Tips

  • Notes & Tips go here..



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