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Trua, the Forgotten Land is a Location in Lost Ark. Every Location in Arkesia has NPCs, Merchants, Quests and most importantly, Loot. Different types of Enemies, Bosses and Events can be found at most Locations in Lost Ark. 


Trua is a forgotten ancient city.


Lost Ark: Trua Information

Trua, The Forgotten Land, is your starting point in Arkesia. You will arrive in a boat with a bunch of other players that have also just started a new game. In Trua, the Forgotten Land you will be able to complete the Prologue, or Skip it if you want to. The Prologue includes a couple of introductory Quests for you to get to know some basic game mechanics.

Once you step on land, you will be able to free roam around the world for the first time.


Lost Ark: Trua Related Quests

The following Quests are related to or can be obtained in Trua


Lost Ark: How to Access Trua

Trua is located at __locate__ and can be accessed by:

  • Trua is automatically accessed as your starting point at the beginning of adventure in Lost Ark right after the Advanced Class selection guide during Crossroads of Destiny.


Lost Ark: Trua Bosses

The following Bosses can be found at Trua, some Bosses may require you to do certain task to be summoned:

  • __bosses__


Lost Ark: Trua NPCs & Merchants

The following NPCs & Merchants can be found in Trua:


Lost Ark: Trua Map

World Location Map of Trua


Map of Trua



Trua Notes & Tips

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