Drops of Ether

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All Classes

Bonus per Level

Lv. 1: Attacks have a change to create an Ether. (Cooldown: 60s).
Lv. 2: Attacks have a change to create an Ether. (Cooldown: 30s).
Lv. 3: Attacks have a change to create an Ether. (Cooldown: 10s).

Drops of Ether is one of the available Engravings in Lost ArkDrops of Ether allows players the chance to create an Ether by attacking. Ethers are orbs that, when picked up, provides the character with a random buff for 30 secs. These buffs include defense, attack speed, attack damage, crit rate,  movement speed, and mana regeneration buffs. This Engraving can be used by All Classes. Engravings may provide different bonuses, some of them positive and other negative. There are also Class specific Engravings, that allow you to change the way you can play the selected Class. Engravings may be found on Accessories or can be learned by obtaining Engraving Recipe Books.


Lost Ark Drops of Ether Information

  • Classes: All Classes


Drops of Ether bonus per Level in Lost Ark

In order to Level up Drops of Ether, players  need to spend nodes. Each Engraving can be leveled up to Level 3. Each Level requires 5 nodes, so players will need 5 nodes for Level 1, 10 nodes for Level 2 and, finally,  15 nodes for Level 3.

Note that spending 5 Nodes on an Engraving or spending, for example, 7 Nodes on it, provides the same bonuses, with no difference whatsoever. This means that you should aim to always have your Engravings with 5, 10 or 15 Nodes, in order to manage them as efficiently as possible.


  • Lv. 1: Attacks have a change to create an Ether. (Cooldown: 60s).
  • Lv. 2: Attacks have a change to create an Ether. (Cooldown: 30s).
  • Lv. 3: Attacks have a change to create an Ether. (Cooldown: 10s).



How to unlock Drops of Ether in Lost Ark

Drops of Ether in Lost Ark, can be unlocked in a a few different ways:


  • Players can get up to 15 Engraving points Max from Accesories. (3 for each of the two Earrings, 3 for each of the two Rings, and 3 for the Amulet).



Ability Stones

Each character can only equip 1 Ability Stone at a time. Ability Stones, have different rarities. In order to obtain this points, you need to take your Ability Stone, to an Ability Stonesmith. You can always find one at the town you are in.


Engraving Points


+6 Engraving Points


+8 Engraving Points


+9 Engraving Points


+10 Engraving Points



Drops of Ether Notes and tips

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    • Anonymous

      Cooldown rates are incorrect they're 60/30/10. That said Drops of Ether is frankly a real sleeper hit. At a Level 3 node you'll be producing Ether Orbs very frequently enough to keep most of the boosts up.
      As for the orb effects
      Flash orb lasts 30 seconds and gives +15% crit chance (no increase in crit damage however)
      Strength orb lasts 30 seconds and gives 10% power
      Defense orb lasts 30 seconds and gives +10% to All defenses
      Wind Orb lasts 30 seconds and gives +10% move speed
      MP orb restores MP
      Recovery orb restores HP.

      • Anonymous

        What is not explained?
        Ether is a random buff. This engraving allows you to drop an ether every 90/40/20 seconds.
        You also have an chance to drop ether normally, and you also have ether predator which drops ether on hit every 10 seconds and gets stacks from ether to increase its own buff.

        116 119 105 116 99 104 46 116 118 47 116 104 101 100 111 111 118 108 101

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